To Whom it May Concern,

I am excited to collaborate with the UN as I believe that to bring about lasting social change by the involvement of investment companies that are for profit will require a mix of negotiation skills, knowledge and experience working with the private sector in developing countries that is backed by disciplined, rigorous administration. I am keen to test the limits of my abilities and enhance my abilities to participate in initiatives that manage the development of investment programs in order to ensure that there is a harmony between philanthropy and financial viability. As a professional with extensive public administration, I have worked working for international organizations, I have experience in procurement and coordination , and with a an impressive background in communication and analysis I’d like to share my knowledge and experience to the post of Administrative Assistant at the UN. My main motivation in my professional life is to be a part of a stimulating working environment that offers the potential for personal growth. In the next paragraphs, I’d like to showcase three of my main skills and my personal enthusiasm to work with high-quality coordination and support for administrative tasks, which makes me a perfect candidate for an Administrative Assistant position.

Intuitive personality – observing and sensing the information

The ability to provide an administrative link between different organizational functions has been an important factor in my career path to date. My roles, though quite different the common thread was always the desire to assist in the implementation of program strategies by conducting research and providing administrative support. Through interactions with stakeholders and colleagues I am able to swiftly look at and evaluate the each individual’s roles, potentials or challenges, and the motivations. One of my professional accomplishments included the co-ordination and management of the Quality Laboratory workshop in East-Africa. The process required me to manage the interests of a variety of parties, as well as observe various information flows and adhere to strict deadlines. The workshop was successful and provided an opportunity to Reproductive Health (RH) commodity lab technicians and manufacturers to gain a deeper knowledge of two logistics as well as quality testing.

Structured thinking is an effort to produce results

As a project manager in both international and academic organizations I’ve established a systematic approach, a customer-focused mindset and a solid commitment to deliver excellent results. I believe that my experience and varied experience can provide efficient problem solving skills and help the mission of the UN and provide an exceptional opportunity to develop professionally and for personal improvement.


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