Dear Sir/Ma

I’m hereby sending an application to be considered for the job of Logistics Assistant, which was advertised in XYZ Newspaper on the 16th November 2014. I am a highly skilled Logistics professional, who is also well organised, I am sure that I have the ideal combination of abilities to add value to your company.

Over the course of the past six years I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge in the logistics and administration field across a variety of environments. As a logistic officer for ABC Company, I was responsible for initiating and processing, as well as reviewing, and monitoring up activities related to the administration department. I was also responsible for maintaining the company’s website as well as developing and managing internal databases.

I also offer regular office support, such as operational travel plans to board members. My strengths lie in my ability to implement and develop business strategies and follow-up with the stakeholders regarding payments to vendors.

I would love being considered to fill the job within your company as I am confident that I can bring these same abilities as well as integrity as well as respect for the diversity within your organization.

I have enclosed My United Nations Personal History Form and CV for you to read. I can be reached on 0712 345678 with any questions concerning my application



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