Dear HR Manager

It is my intention to inform you of my desire to be considered for the logistics and operations manager job at Sydney, Australia. I recently completed the MBA from Regents University in London, Englandwhich is where I earned the American equivalent of First-Class Honors (3.89 GPA). I am convinced that my impressive work ethic, dedication to specifics, and analytical capabilities can make a difference to the operations at Uber which makes me a great candidate for this job. Although I am applying directly for the post of operations manager in Sydney however, I am willing to working in an operations position in London which is where I am located, or even moving to another city if necessary.

As I have stated in my CV, I relocated out of America to London. US to London right after I received my bachelor’s degree and pursuing of my masters to improve my understanding of business and match my professional goals. While this might not have been a conventional decision regarding educational or career choices however, I’ve a long history of seeking out diverse, unique challenging experiences, and postgraduate study abroad was not an exception. What I’m lacking in experience I make up by my drive, education knowledge and enthusiasm.

I’m extremely enthused about Uber’s mission, and took 2 months during my master’s time researching the company and its impact on the marketplace to write the purpose of writing a term paper on Managerial Economics. Uber’s ability of using analytic data and the fundamental economic theories to adequately meet the market at any time while minimizing the risk of zeroes appears to be not matched by its competitors. The Uber company, without doubt has revolutionized the market and the chance for me to be a part of your group could be a fantastic chance. I believe that I possess the abilities and the work ethic to be an effective contributor to your team during this time of rapid growth of your business.

I would love having the opportunity to discuss with you your needs specifically and how I can be able to meet your needs. Thank for reviewing my application. I am looking to hearing from you.

Thank you for your kind words,


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