Dear Benefit Human Resource Team,

I am very excited to apply for the junior supply chain and sourcing analyst job. I am very eager to advance my professional career within the world that deals with global supply chain as well as international sourcing. I am confident that you’ll find my expertise knowledge, education, and outlook an excellent match for this job.

My experience in the field is diverse however the most common thread throughout is a desire to connect individuals and communities in a meaningful manner, using various ways such as human rights, social justice advocacy as well as social entrepreneurialism. I have widened my interest in helping others by assisting them with my postgraduate studies, using the discipline of international trade as well as international business as more efficient vehicles to connect people to the methods that allow social mobility. These topics, while not directly connected to the job I’m hoping they will clarify my reasons for being attracted to the job. My desire to perform meaningful activities on CSR to improve global supply chain and source depends upon stepping in to the industry and acquiring the basics and developing my academic MBA and knowledge of international trade into practical skills by gaining experience-based learning. This job is the perfect opportunity to accomplish that. I am confident that I have just as many things to contribute as I am able to benefit and I am confident that I can start working and be successful immediately. My confidence in my abilities for the job comes from previous successes in positions at office environments that are fast-paced and require an exceptional level of organization, as well as outstanding time management and project management abilities. These roles made use of my natural interest in details and a strong determination to succeed.

My main strengths are analytical research, co-ordination logistics writing, and flexibility. I am the owner of my own projects. I am working towards becoming an authority on the field by digging down to the most granular levels to find the subtleties and details that can have a significant influence on the bigger picture. In addition, in order to understand the overall picture using the entirety of its components I’m adept at finding connecting and extrapolating the most significant information and details. I am a firm believer in doing things the right way and have learned to not be afraid of sunk costs and am aware of the importance of a thorough cost-benefit analysis. I am a committed employee, working to ensure that the task is done properly and when it is required to be completed. I am always glad to accept the opportunities, big and small helping others, and perhaps learn something new or meet someone new.

Benefit is a fun business and one I’ve happily served as a customer for a long time. Thank you so much for your attention and time, and I am looking for your response.

Best Regards,




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