Sample Cover Letter for Supply PLANNNER

Dear Manager of Recruitment,

I recently graduated from the [name of schoollocated in the [Localization of the schoolthe school]. When I was looking for jobs in the field I came across this advertisement in search of the position of Supply Chain Planner. As a graduate of logistics engineering I am confident that I’m a qualified candidate for this job.

By studying Supply Chain Management (SCM) over the past five years, I’ve gained a wide array of knowledge about SCM. I was able to understand different forms of inventory management as well as how to ensure optimal levels of inventory throughout your supply chain. Additionally, I am proficient with ERP systems since I have had the chance to use SAP as well as ERP Prelude. Because of the forecasting strategies I was taught, I also gained knowledge on how to improve the visibility of information. This is a crucial aspect that helps speedy and accurate decision-making and planning within SCM.

My knowledge of SCM was further developed through my experience in the field at the [company name] internship. In [company nameI was a part of several projects that involved production planning and quality control. I analyzed the schedule of operations and suggested an alternative schedule for molding products to improve efficiency of production. The company has accepted my suggestion and is currently looking into how to implement it in the near future.

I am a fan of punctuality and dependability. In SCM the importance of time is crucial because the demands of today are constantly changing and require quick solutions. I am a fan of working on problems that require analysis and pushing myself to think in a new way to find solutions. I’m proficient in English as well as French and have a strong desire to learn a new languageand culture.

I am looking forward to meeting you to discuss further about this career path. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

If you have any concerns I am available to answer your questions at any time.

Best Regards,


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