Dear Sir/Ma

I appreciate advertising in Graduate Landinviting applications for the internship for the position in the position of “Operations Team coordinator”, and I am submitting my application to you for your review.

SPAR the acronym for”the Dutch expression (in English) “through unlimited cooperation everyone regularly benefits” This is the primary reason for me to join the company because it is in line with my ideals of living. Apart from that, my experience as well as my ambition and enthusiasm lead me believe that I’m the perfect candidate for this position. In addition, I’ll be extremely proud to be employed by this long-running multinational retailer with more than 12,200 stores across 40 countries. In addition I am sure that my work experience with SPAR which is a household brand across the globe I will become an effective leader within Supply & Chain Management (SCM).

“Fresh Food Supply Chain in smart cities (Bordeaux)” is the project I’ve completed at my college. It will help me apply for any internship in SCM. Alongside the use for SCM principles in this project we’ve placed a lot of emphasis on the reduction of food waste and CO2 emissions. We also discussed the ways that logistics companies local transport network, local transportation networks, and the concept of cross-docking may be integrated into the transportation of food products. We also stressed that traceability is a crucial factor that enhances visibility into the supply chain. We presented very well-described scenarios using KPI’s that directly impact the improvement of giving customers the highest quality for a reasonable price and with a high quality of service.

My educational background as well as the knowledge I gained through the course “Masters in Global Supply Chain Management” at KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux, France (ranked 2 2nd globally) and work experience and interpersonal skills, as well as computing skills (including the SAP course offered at KEDGE) and leadership skills and the ability to be a successful member of a team in a multi-lingual environment. I am certain I’ll finish my work experience to the complete satisfaction from my superiors. I assure management that I will never squander any effort to prove my worth to the business.

I am all set to pick my internship starting on 1 1 of June in 2016.

We look forward to your positive response.


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