Dear Sir/Ma

I am sending my resume for consideration for the position of Logistics Officer for Red Bull North America, Inc.

I completed my studies with a Bachelor’s degree from the field of Management Information Systems. I also completed a minor in accounting in order to boost my resume and to provide an excellent base for an entry-level job in the logistics industry. Additionally, I have learned a lot of amount and stay up-to-date on global markets for the latest trends and be aware of how the world’s trade laws have evolved.

I began my career in a position of entry-level in which I worked closely with the accounting department at my company. I helped come up with new strategies to allow manufacturing to be more efficient and cost-effective. Although my strategies or ideas were adopted, I learned an enormous amount about how companies can get the most value from their workforce and increase profits. The position I held was upgraded to the position of logistics officer and I have thoroughly enjoyed my job however I am always looking for fresh challenges that my different position could bring.

I am a lover of travel and I would have no difficulty working in any area your company might require of a Logistics Manager. My goal is to make sure that each location is equipped with the most up-to modern systems in place to operate efficiently and effectively.

If this sounds like the kind of person you’re looking for in a logistical professional and you are interested in hiring one, then contact me at anytime at (555)-555-5555 to arrange an appointment to talk with me in person.



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