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As a 3rd year Supply Chain Management major at the University of Maryland, I have spent a lot of time looking for the kinds of thrilling opportunities offered by Bechtel. As you can see from my list of qualifications, I’ve worked working in various capacities. I’m familiar working on my own as well as in a team environment I’ve been recognized specifically for the work I do. My distinctive skills and my passion for logistics and management of supply chains make me an ideal participant for this year’s Supply Chain and Procurement Internship.

About two years ago I started an internship with a booming oil and gas company located in Bangalore, India. Since I had no previous knowledge of the industry I was forced to learn as much as I could to ensure that I didn’t fall behind. I was immediately acclimated and, at the conclusion of my work experience, I was the only intern selected to be a part of the North American Oil Council Assembly to represent the whole company. You can count on me to adjust to your workplace environment quickly and deliver efficient and creative results, as I’ve proven over the years. I then interned with a different oil and natural gas company, where I worked in a solitary manner, studying energy markets. The lessons I’ve gained in this field could be in use for any job setting I’m placed in, especially during an internship at Bechtel.

One of the most well-known engineering construction, procurement and construction firms, Bechtel needs a qualified intern with extensive experience, who is able to adapt to new situations that are well-spoken, comfortable, who can work in a team or on your own with other people and, more importantly, someone who is enthusiastic about the area. You’ve found the perfect candidate in my personal profile.

Thank you for considering me. I am looking forward to a conversation with you in the near future.


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