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My name is [name] I am a freshman in the University of California, Berkeley and I’d like to be evaluated for a summer audit internship in San Francisco. San Francisco office.

I’m looking for an internship in auditing during the summer since I believe it will provide me with an invaluable experience and knowledge within the audit practice. After hearing about audit services provided by different professionals, it has motivated me to take up a career in the field of audit due to their ability to work with different clients, as well as learn about the business and financial circumstances that have always been a passion for me. I am also convinced that I’ll have the opportunity to work with a lot of students just like me who are enthusiastic as well as eager to improve, which will motivate me to work more and achieve my goals as an intern. I am confident that I will be a part of the success of other students and my own through my past experiences. I believe that this program gives students the opportunity to gain experience in audit as well as team-building, networking and meeting with business professionals. This will help me to gain knowledge for my next career path in audit.

This summer, I was a participant in an event called the Deloitte Future Leaders Conference, where I had the opportunity to connect with numerous Deloitte professionals as well as learn how to avail the various services Deloitte provides. I learned important soft skills and also got the chance to meet one their clients. I learned many valuable ideas for networking with professionals as well as the presentation skills I apply in my daily activities. I was interested in learning more about Deloitte’s offerings, its culture, and the people who work there. This gave me an understanding of a company I would definitely like to be a part of. This conference has increased my curiosity and strengthened my decision to enter auditing as a career option particularly at Deloitte.

I also work for my workplace at the University of California, Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admissions as an administrative assistant. I work as a customer service representative who provides assistance to customers in relation to admissions, as well as other services the office provides. I manage and lead diverse projects, which comprise of creating a handbook for new employees for reference to designing games for children in a particular occasion. I developed more leadership abilities as well as knowledge about professional conduct that helped me develop my skills. The experiences I had both as a participant and an assistant are just a few of my experiences that I could contribute to the internship.

I have attached my resume to you for review too. I would like to meet in person in order to be able to discuss more detail about my contribution I could make to this particular internship. If you need additional detail or have any questions, you can contact me by phone or email I mentioned above.

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