Dear Sir/Ma

I am writing this letter in response to your advertisement for Finance Intern position in Financial Planning & Analysis team, as advertised by the City University of London Placement Office. I am currently a 2nd first year BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance student at Cass Business School, City University of London I am seeking to work in the stimulating, exciting and exciting field that is Financial Advisory.

In the two years I was in this Accounting & Finance program, I have had the opportunity to increase my knowledge on topics like Accounting, Financial Analysis and Risk Analysis and Modeling. After working in the fashion industry for a number of years, I’ve developed a deep passion for the media industry. I think I am a good fit for the Finance Intern job with NBC Universal would be a ideal fit for me. It could provide me with the opportunity to work with a job that is a combination of two of my passions : media and finance.

Modeling as a model, I was required to swiftly adapt to not only the constantly changing conditions, but to other cultures and teams as well. Being self-employed helped me become confident and motivated. Modeling also provided me with an understanding of the business of media and I think this is a benefit even working with financial information. Over the years, I was adept at recognizing the needs of clients and gained a greater knowledge of what a viewer or viewer would like to be able to see. Additionally, I am certain I’d fit into the team quickly. While working in an Italian restaurant called Pizza Lounge as a bartender and waitress, I developed amazing teamwork and leadership abilities. Receiving orders from customers and having direct contact with them helped me develop the ability to communicate to be successful in a professional setting. I am a committed worker who is able to be under pressure and stay on top of my work by prioritizing tasks according to the importance and amount of time required to complete these tasks. I developed these skills as I juggled full-time studies with a working part-time while keeping a high academic score.

I’m keen for a chance to work with NBC Universal as I admire its creative, innovative and inspiring culture as well as an rounded business. I am impressed with the group’s ability to integrate different businesses and concepts to create a media powerhouse with a common goal to educate, empower and invigorate. Additionally, it will be a great opportunity to interact together and study with the pros employed within the Universal Pictures International department. So, I’m confident I can say that NBC Universal is an excellent job for me to pursue my future.

I appreciate the time you took to look over my qualifications and experiences and I thank you for your attention.



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