Hello, Dear Spotify team,

I am a student in the bachelor program and will graduate on July 16, 2016 at Maastricht University with major in Finance and Business Strategy. Assisting Spotify to keep and achieve its goals of being able the public access to music at any time is a huge beginning for me as I begin being employed by the firm. According to Daniel Ek once stated, ” People just want to have access to all of the world’s music” and I’d like to be a part of the creation process since the year 2000, the number of people using illegal methods to listen to their music. So, the introduction of Spotify to all and every place will make the industry of music much bigger than it was before!

Being the leader of an organization that is among the top-performing non-governmental organizations worldwide would enable me stay aligned with the vision of the organization which is that they want to have musical moments all over the world. As the director of Liter of Light Netherlands, an organization with the goal to offer a sustainable lighting solutions using electricity to the new markets. I am able to develop my teamwork, leadership and solving skills. This was my first time having the chance to oversee a team from day one on various initiatives. I was in charge of the financial plans for different projects and to develop a functional knowledge. For instance, my team and I created the largest Liter of Light workshop in Europe. Thanks to my assistance my team was able to comprehend and analyzed the possibilities to enhance our company. This allowed us to increase awareness and make possible the development of a new community that aims to encourage sustainability throughout the globe.

A background in entrepreneurship can assist me in bringing fresh ideas to your daily job and help you to create a higher degree of customer-centricity. As co-founder of Maastricht Nights, an event company located in the Limburg region, I have always sought to be an open-minded mindset. For instance, in order to transform the concept of nightlife in the Limburg area we invited one of the top DJs from Tomorrowland festival to create special nights to promote various beverages. This helped us to be at the top of the event-organizing companies. Working with managers, artists and companies honed my focus on details as well as my negotiation and business judgement abilities. In addition, as the manager of the financial aspects I created a variety of financial models to help support various strategic decisions. This helped me improve my time management abilities and allowed me to be more precise and exact in my decision-making process. For instance, by investing in a marketing program, we were able to reach more than 300,000 people via TV, radio and on the internet within less than two weeks.

In addition I have plenty of experience in inter-personal communication that could prove useful in the management of organizational behavior. As a coordinator for sponsorships at the Maastricht Center of Entrepreneurship I was the contact to all the companies that were sponsors. In addition, I was responsible for organizing the largest entrepreneurial events in the south of the Netherlands I developed an interest in working with different people on different levels in developing my analytical and communications abilities. Being open-minded and proactive made me successful in working in such a fast-paced and challenging international setting.

In conclusion, I believe that my solid analysis, planning teamwork, and entrepreneurial abilities will assist your branch reach its goals.



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