Dear Sir/Madam

In this letter, I’d be interested for my interest in the MSc in Finance degree program at the University Commerciale Luigi Bocconi starting …. I would like to be a part of the program and believe that my extensive financial background will meet your needs.

I completed my studies at …, the University of Pennsylvania, which ignited my fascination with Mathematics and other related disciplines. When I consider the main trends of the contemporary times, in which business is a major factor and my own inclination to maths, I began to feel an innate fascination with finance. Since that time, I’ve been determined to shape your life to a manner that allows me to pursue a career in this area.

In 2011, with the aim of transform my dream into reality, I completed all of the required tests with an average score of 91%. I was then accepted into the …. The university I am in has selected the department of management named …, that offers an extensive amount of education in finance. I aim to complete my studies with distinction and earn the “red” diploma. Right now, I am among the top students with respect to grades, with a GPA above…

In 2014, to test my skills in the fields of finance and business, I attempted an exam called the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) which I passed with a score of 613 (98th percentile). After having completed my MSc in Finance, and gaining necessary work experience, I’d love to be able to pass the CFA test. With a solid background I will receive from Bocconi I will be able become the CFA charter holder and demonstrate my competence.

In the course of their the undergraduate years at GSOM every student is given the opportunity to spend one semester in an international business school. I was a student at in the … in five semesters. The choice of the university was not made as a result of luck, but was an intelligent choice. NUS provided me with the chance to experience a totally new culture, get meet new people, discover Asian countries, and discover the different and commonalities of the different cultures’ view of finances. This semester marked the turning point in my life. I’ve learned to respect the opinions of others and to adjust to different situations. The exchange also allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the world around me as well as to discover different aspects of me. I’ve had the privilege of living in a variety of communities all across the globe, and they allowed me to expand my understanding of different cultures, even beyond Asia. The experience has helped me grow in my own personal development and inspired me to consider moving across the globe.

It is important to note that my exposure to different cultures began well before the exchange program. Since the age of seven, I’ve been studying intensely languages. When I was in school for summer holidays, I would often attend language schools in Europe. In the present, I’m proficient in English and proficient on French in addition to Italian. The desire to increase my knowledge of Italian language was a major factor in my decision to choose Italy as a place to pursue further study.

During my bachelor studies, I had the opportunity to work in two different companies. The spring… I was an intern in the Finance department. …. The department gave me the opportunity to put the knowledge I had acquired into action and experience how things function. In 2014, I completed the course of an internship at … Bank. As a member of the Credit and Risk Analysis department I developed my abilities in risk assessment as well as quantitative analysis , and diligence. Because of the lack of staff within the department at that time I was handed an enormous amount of responsibility. I participated in almost every individual activity in the department and it made me think about my actions and be accountable in my decisions. This experience in the workplace encouraged me to consider a career as an analyst in credit. Analyzing and gathering data on clients and their surroundings in risk assessment and decision making is appealing to me since it is the most thrilling aspect of the credit process.

At the moment, I’m not certain if I want to be able to devote my time to studying credit but it is an ideal start. Working in an institution would allow me acquire experience in finance and gain a better knowledge of my potential career direction. Although I do not have a clear established my purpose in life however, my goals always considered more than just earning money. The sheer number of brilliant thinking minds that reside within Russia has always amazed me. There are so many creative ideas and innovative projects are being destroyed because of the absence of smart financing and experienced investors! From a long-term perspective I’d like to connect young and talented Russians to investors around the world.

To accomplish my objectives, I searched for a suitable university that would pay particular attention to quantitative aspects of science due to my passion for math. As I discovered, Bocconi is renowned for its deep-dive instruction in the quantitative aspects of finance. In addition, the Bocconi finance program was ranked eighth worldwide in Financial Times’ MSc in Finance Rankings 2014. Financial Times’ MSc in Finance Rankings 2014.

With this in mind I decided that this college is ideal for me. I’ll have the chance to reside in the beautiful city, while learning the information and abilities that are essential to realize my dreams. Thus, I am desperate for acceptance. With my experience and ambition in finance, I am sure that I will be able to match your qualifications and keep up to date standards at your institution.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I am eagerly awaiting your response. Thank you, truly,


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