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I am eager to apply to the Information Technology Development Program internship during the summer of 2015. My goals are in line with Johnson and Johnson’s Credo to enhance their lives for its customers and uphold high ethical standards. As an M.S. in Engineering Management student at Dartmouth College I have an extensive background in engineering and operations that could provide me with a strong technology-based support for J&J’s business.

When I review a gadget I break it down into the most important aspects such as viability, usability cost-effectiveness, scalability, maintenance. My background in engineering gives me a well-structured method of problem solving, with a high degree of flexibility and creativity. When I was doing research into cancer, I developed an Excel-based application that used VBA and SQL to automate the maintenance of inventory procedures, which resulted in improved operational efficiency. I’m determined to make a difference in lives in a different direction by exploring the technology that helps the company’s operations.

J&J insists on a multidisciplinary collaboration between departments that are structured, and encourages collaborative work. My accomplishment as Chief Director of the smaller IT recruiting firm was due to my multidisciplinary experience. I incorporated my biomedical expertise to assess candidates for large medical device and pharmaceutical companies and then entered the the biotech industry. This wouldn’t have been possible without the combination of biomedical knowledge and business knowledge.

In Johnson & Johnson, I am able to make the biggest impression on a constantly changing workplace and be exposed to. I would like the chance to further introduce myself and am looking forward to hearing from you.



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