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I am sending you an email to ask you to apply for the office coordinator position.

Theater is always a huge love for me. Since I am an actor living in the city, I’ve seen a lot of talk about this organization and the wonderful services it provides to professional actors in their field. A company that’s mission will be to offer a place for performers and actors to develop their skills and acquire experience in various aspects is truly inspiring. It inspired me to apply for the job.

I have a solid determination to succeed and have excellent ability to lead. I am a fervent believer for what I do and I am 100% committed to each job I am assigned. This is the reason why over the last six years I’ve been assigned the job of trainer, and often with additional responsibility. I am a fan of working with people and I go beyond my limits to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

With over 4 years of Administrative work, I am aware of the importance of effective leadership as well as the structure and importance of organizational structure. With over 10 years experience working in the field of service I am able to handle stress, multitasking, working with other people and prioritizing. I believe that the experience I can bring to the company is into the company’s goal.

In my most recent job experience, I was tasked to learn new software systems for organizing documents, organize data and efficiently collect data. When I realized that one of the requirements for this position is the capacity to master new software systems in a short amount of time and efficiently, I was more confident in applying for this job. It is true that training can be lengthy and time-consuming but I am confident in my capacity to be able to learn and adjust in a short time to bring myself up to the speed of. In many ways I find it challenging and enjoyable.

I’ve included my resume as well as three references in the lower part of the page. If you have any additional details you require I would appreciate it if you let me know.

I am grateful for your time in getting get to know me! I look forward to having the possibility of meeting you.



I am reaching out to you regarding an internship opportunity in the field of administration. With my many years in the automotive industry I’ve come to a realization of the necessity to be an enthusiastic and innovative, reliable and committed employee. Porsche is proud of their “Intelligent Performance” strategy of their vehicles. I am aware that this approach is essential to implement across the entire company. My aim is to work for Porsche Cars North America since the announcement in 2011, that their headquarters would be in Atlanta. I’ve submitted an online application and I am determined to communicate my skills to be a valuable asset for your staff.

My relevant experience includes a variety of experience working in the automotive industry as well as my position as a major in accounting on Georgia State University where I have a current average in the range of 3.7 in my main classes. Recently, I was working as an administrative assistant and buyer for M&S Auto Sales Inc. The responsibilities I have in this job have given me the ability to be a top performer in customer service and sales, in the implementation of HR policies, processing transactions, creating schedules and creating the general ledger, among other functions related to billing. I’m proficient with Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point, Quickbooks, and Wayne Reeves. I also been employed within the automotive parts and recycling industries prior to joining M&S Auto Sales Inc.

I am convinced that based on my present qualifications, experience and determination to make improvements, I am the most advantageous candidate for an administrative internship. I’m currently striving to acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience through my experience, so as to become the best productivity employee I can possibly become in the near coming years for Porsche Cars North America. The employees is the core of Porsche will be one of “real engine.” You will find my resume that outlines my skills experiences, skills, and objectives more fully. I would be grateful for an opportunity to interview, in order to further articulate my hopes to work for this remarkable company. I am looking eagerly to hear from you soon.



Dear Sir/ Madam

Project Administration: Neighborhood Development Programme Reference No. 1603922 (S019 2014) published by African Website

This letter is to announce my desire to be a Projects Administrator job at the National Treasury. I am aware of the crucial role for the National Treasury in the development of neighborhoods as well as the enhancement of the socio-economic infrastructure of the whole community.

My knowledge of administration, project management, and finance enables me to offer the appropriate assistance required for the smooth operation on any given project. My understanding of efficient administration methods and exceptional communication skills provide me with the skills to effectively document and communicate with selected municipalities, government departments , and other stakeholders. You will find in me an efficient, confident and committed individual who can help in the success and management of the development plan.

I believe that my credentials and skills make me an ideal candidate for this post and I believe that I’ll prove to be a great asset for Treasury officials at the National Treasury. I am looking forward to having a conversation with you in the near future.

Yours Faithfully


To Whom it May Concern,

I am excited to collaborate with the UN as I believe that to bring about lasting social change by the involvement of investment companies that are for profit will require a mix of negotiation skills, knowledge and experience working with the private sector in developing countries that is backed by disciplined, rigorous administration. I am keen to test the limits of my abilities and enhance my abilities to participate in initiatives that manage the development of investment programs in order to ensure that there is a harmony between philanthropy and financial viability. As a professional with extensive public administration, I have worked working for international organizations, I have experience in procurement and coordination , and with a an impressive background in communication and analysis I’d like to share my knowledge and experience to the post of Administrative Assistant at the UN. My main motivation in my professional life is to be a part of a stimulating working environment that offers the potential for personal growth. In the next paragraphs, I’d like to showcase three of my main skills and my personal enthusiasm to work with high-quality coordination and support for administrative tasks, which makes me a perfect candidate for an Administrative Assistant position.

Intuitive personality – observing and sensing the information

The ability to provide an administrative link between different organizational functions has been an important factor in my career path to date. My roles, though quite different the common thread was always the desire to assist in the implementation of program strategies by conducting research and providing administrative support. Through interactions with stakeholders and colleagues I am able to swiftly look at and evaluate the each individual’s roles, potentials or challenges, and the motivations. One of my professional accomplishments included the co-ordination and management of the Quality Laboratory workshop in East-Africa. The process required me to manage the interests of a variety of parties, as well as observe various information flows and adhere to strict deadlines. The workshop was successful and provided an opportunity to Reproductive Health (RH) commodity lab technicians and manufacturers to gain a deeper knowledge of two logistics as well as quality testing.

Structured thinking is an effort to produce results

As a project manager in both international and academic organizations I’ve established a systematic approach, a customer-focused mindset and a solid commitment to deliver excellent results. I believe that my experience and varied experience can provide efficient problem solving skills and help the mission of the UN and provide an exceptional opportunity to develop professionally and for personal improvement.



Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Interest in the Position of Administrative Assistant. I am writing this letter for the purpose to express my enthusiasm for the position as an Administrative Assistant in the University of Global Health Equity. I am a graduate in agriculture in Rwanda from Rwanda’s University of Rwanda and I am currently studying for my Master’s in Development Studies at the same institution. It is my dream to get the position because I believe that by working at the University I can improve my knowledge in Administration and as a student in the field of development, I would love the opportunity to join an organization that is interested in the field of social justice and health equity in health care.

I’m the ideal candidate for this position because for the past three years, I was employed for Vision at an Nation Foundation and while their eye health program was in its initial phase of piloting I was responsible for everything from management and the logistics, registration, financial and coordination with various stakeholder. For me, this was an extremely challenging job that required excellent organizational abilities, multi-tasking skills and dedication.

Today , the VFANF Program has a strong relationship with the ministry of Health and I’m sure I was a major factor in the program’s successful outcomes. Additionally, as in college I was commissioned the responsibility by IFAD (International Fonds for Agriculture Development) to lead workshops for them. I was in charge of teams that managed everything from the booking of hotels for participants to arranging the agendas for the workshops.

Communication skills that are excellent and the ability to work in teams are essential for the successful execution of the job. SirIf you give me the chance I am sure that my character, professional experience of my work experience, organization and motivation will enable me to complete the task effectively. Therefore, I am grateful to you for the opportunity and am looking forward to your favorable response.