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Dear Sir/Ma

My name is ______ and I’d like to share my sincere desire to be an accounting major at the Eller College of Management for the Fall semester of 2015. I’d like to join the Eller group with a major in finance in order that I can grow professionally and have a positive impact on the school as both a scholar and leader, and learn new financial skills. After a thorough self-assessment I am convinced having been involved in different student organizations have helped me build skills which are directly related to the fundamentals that define being an Eller financial student such as the diverse array of decision-making and analytical skills. Furthermore I have a deep desire to develop my public speaking, interviewing and interpersonal skills. I am looking forward to learning from colleagues and professors during my time at Eller.

In my most recent role as the recording secretary of my Sorority Gamma Phi Beta, I was personally responsible to record the attendance of more than 250 women, keeping track of chapter minutes, and preparing the day of recruitment, Day 4, Preference. Through the various positions I held, I’ve learned organizational skills and developed effective communication skills through team-based efforts. As a sales associate at Pretty Please Boutique, I was in charge of balancing various events, customers and deadlines, all while working in a high-energy, fast-paced setting. I gained proficiency with using the Microsoft Office Suite putting together employee schedules, local advertising and a streamlined inventory log. Furthermore, I gained creativeness by creating Eller’s initial website as part of the larger task to help the newly-established business build a lasting relationship with its customers. As I am just beginning the pledge process within Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity I’ve already realized the importance of effective time management. This is crucial to success in Eller.

I am convinced that as a finance student at the Eller College of Management I will bring the greatest worth to the University of Arizona. I have proven that I have a strong determination, a fervent determination to learn, as well as excellent communication and finance abilities. If given the opportunity I believe I’ll succeed in the work-oriented culture at the university, as the culture is similar to my current work and goals. I’ve attached my resume for you to review and further outlines my academic and professional accomplishments. Thank for your consideration and time and I am looking forward to getting in touch with you in the near future.




Dear Sir/Ma

I am writing this letter in response to your advertisement for Finance Intern position in Financial Planning & Analysis team, as advertised by the City University of London Placement Office. I am currently a 2nd first year BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance student at Cass Business School, City University of London I am seeking to work in the stimulating, exciting and exciting field that is Financial Advisory.

In the two years I was in this Accounting & Finance program, I have had the opportunity to increase my knowledge on topics like Accounting, Financial Analysis and Risk Analysis and Modeling. After working in the fashion industry for a number of years, I’ve developed a deep passion for the media industry. I think I am a good fit for the Finance Intern job with NBC Universal would be a ideal fit for me. It could provide me with the opportunity to work with a job that is a combination of two of my passions : media and finance.

Modeling as a model, I was required to swiftly adapt to not only the constantly changing conditions, but to other cultures and teams as well. Being self-employed helped me become confident and motivated. Modeling also provided me with an understanding of the business of media and I think this is a benefit even working with financial information. Over the years, I was adept at recognizing the needs of clients and gained a greater knowledge of what a viewer or viewer would like to be able to see. Additionally, I am certain I’d fit into the team quickly. While working in an Italian restaurant called Pizza Lounge as a bartender and waitress, I developed amazing teamwork and leadership abilities. Receiving orders from customers and having direct contact with them helped me develop the ability to communicate to be successful in a professional setting. I am a committed worker who is able to be under pressure and stay on top of my work by prioritizing tasks according to the importance and amount of time required to complete these tasks. I developed these skills as I juggled full-time studies with a working part-time while keeping a high academic score.

I’m keen for a chance to work with NBC Universal as I admire its creative, innovative and inspiring culture as well as an rounded business. I am impressed with the group’s ability to integrate different businesses and concepts to create a media powerhouse with a common goal to educate, empower and invigorate. Additionally, it will be a great opportunity to interact together and study with the pros employed within the Universal Pictures International department. So, I’m confident I can say that NBC Universal is an excellent job for me to pursue my future.

I appreciate the time you took to look over my qualifications and experiences and I thank you for your attention.




Dear Sir/Ma

Through the ABC Financial Group’s website I was able to learn about your bank’s current job opportunities. I am keen to secure a spot within ABC Financial’s Global Equity Summer Internship Program.

My current year is in second at the Smith Business School of the State University and am focusing in accounting, finance as well as real estate. This summer I finished an internship at First National Bank, and I am currently working with the university’s Student Federal Credit Union. The experience has provided me with a thorough understanding of financial institutions and increased my enthusiasm for pursuing an investment banking career. I believe that an internship at ABC Financial Group would be the next step to take towards my growth as an investment banking professional.

My primary motivation to join ABC Financial Group stems from its impressive standing. The esteem of the company is best reflected in its recent recognition as “America’s Most Trusted Corporation” for the second time in a row. I believe that the company’s diverse customer base, substantial market capitalization as well as its well-established summer intern program will provide me with an unforgettable experience that would enhance the studies I am taking through Business School. I believe I’ll thrive in the firm’s dynamic and stimulating environment. I believe that my skills, dedication and drive could make me a valuable contribution to your company.

I’d prefer to be working in global equity, however, I am prepared to take any job you may offer me. Thank you for considering me and I look forward to chatting with you in the near future.




Dear Hiring Manager

The opportunity for a summer finance internship advertised in the website () () () is of particular importance to me. My outstanding academic background, coupled with my international experience in business and analytical skills will enable me to succeed in this job.

As of now, I’m a Senior in the University of () and am in the process of graduating Suma Cum Laude with an undergraduate degree in Science in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Mathematical Sciences in May 2014. While in UMD I received instruction on to understand and apply the accounting and finance principles and concepts. In this period I rely heavily in Microsoft Excel to help me to solve problems and simulate various scenarios.

in the early spring of 2012 I completed an international finance course in () in (). During this time , I honed my interpersonal skills and my understanding of international business in general. Following the end of the semester I spent the rest of the month of summer () developing an online sales and marketing campaign for our Hotel business run by our family. The online presence has increased the business by more than 10 percent.

Through my time during my time at () The school I attended was also involved in the activities on campus and was a member of numerous clubs and organizations. As vice president for the Investment Club as well as the head finance tutor, I worked my leadership, communication and organizational abilities and developed the ability to prioritize and complete several tasks simultaneously. I also volunteered with the () program, which is a tax preparation service that is free for those with limited incomes or who are elderly. It was a very satisfying experience and helped me develop the skills required to prepare individual tax returns . It also introduced me to various software for accounting and also improved my interpersonal abilities.

I’m interested in discussing with you what kind of contribution I could make to Raytheon as an intern in finance. Contact with me via () thank you so much for your consideration and time. I am eager to hear from you.



Whom it might concern,

With great excitement that I am submitting my application to this European Investment Bank Finance Trainee program. As a recent University of Warsaw graduate with an interest in finance, I believe that my diverse experience and positive attitude will be a great asset to the European Investment Bank.

In my search for the ideal place to grow and advance my career path, I’ve realized that one the most important requirements is working for an institution that is multicultural and is a symbol of economic empowerment and boosts our continent. Recently , there’s been much debate over the future of the European Union. The plethora of Grexit, Brexit (and even Frexit!) stories have made me nervous at first However, afterward… these stories inspired me to take my own step to support the European community and commit my talents for one of EU main initiatives. The decision for me was based on which organizations I believe I have a connection with values and beliefs with. And then, watching this video – – it left me no doubt.

In light of my area of interest and my education, it is obvious that EIB is the ideal location to enhance my abilities and allow me to contribute to strengthening European unity to have a significant contribution to improving the standard of living. I truly hope to take part in forming an organization which is a symbol of creating a strong future for the Europe’s economy.

In conclusion, I am very excited to be engaged in EIB projects. Being a part of this global environment would be an immense privilege. Do not be afraid to reach me should you have further concerns. I would appreciate your time and am looking forward to hearing from you.