A LETTER SAMPLE for the Information Technology Officer


Dear Sir/Madam


I’m a person who is a customer-focused IT Technology (IT) specialist with a vast experience in the administration of networks. Highly skilled in system analysis, troubleshooting, and problem solving. Expertise in Windows and Linux administration of systems, held desk administration, as well as security policy implementation. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills in managing teams of project and vendor vendors to ensure projects are completed within budget and on time. A team player with a strong work ethic who can be adapted to multicultural environments. Capacity building skills that are exceptional in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. Continuously stays abreast of developments in the field of technology and is always looking for opportunities to use the skills and knowledge.

I have an BSc. (Bachelor of Science) in Information Technology degree and valuable IT vendor certifications that comprise: MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). In addition, I’ve been to numerous on-job training classes relevant to this job. These comprise: IT Project management and Cloud Computing Essentials.

Being an IT officer at Concern World Wide, I fulfilled my duties in providing IT support and administrative services as well as ensuring the highest efficiency and reliability of the company’s IT resources. In addition, I developed and implemented an IT knowledge transfer program for citizens of the country. I’m also a skilled trainer who has worked for 3 years working in the private sector, where I achieved outstanding results when it came to training youths in pertinent IT abilities to help businesses.

In the last 6 years, I’ve worked as an IT consultant on a freelance basis, providing services to a variety of International Non-Governmental organisations to support their activities within areas like the East, Central and Horn of Africa regions. This has allowed them to carry out their work efficiently and at a minimal cost. This includes Mercy-corps, World Concern Africa region and Norwegian Refugee Council-Somalia program.

In this way, I would like I be part of UNEP (United United Nations Environment Programme) and improve the delivery of aid and assistance at this prestigious organisation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to continue discussions about how I can bring the value of UNEP.






Dear Sir/Ma

I am eager to apply to the Information Technology Development Program internship during the summer of 2015. My goals are in line with Johnson and Johnson’s Credo to enhance their lives for its customers and uphold high ethical standards. As an M.S. in Engineering Management student at Dartmouth College I have an extensive background in engineering and operations that could provide me with a strong technology-based support for J&J’s business.

When I review a gadget I break it down into the most important aspects such as viability, usability cost-effectiveness, scalability, maintenance. My background in engineering gives me a well-structured method of problem solving, with a high degree of flexibility and creativity. When I was doing research into cancer, I developed an Excel-based application that used VBA and SQL to automate the maintenance of inventory procedures, which resulted in improved operational efficiency. I’m determined to make a difference in lives in a different direction by exploring the technology that helps the company’s operations.

J&J insists on a multidisciplinary collaboration between departments that are structured, and encourages collaborative work. My accomplishment as Chief Director of the smaller IT recruiting firm was due to my multidisciplinary experience. I incorporated my biomedical expertise to assess candidates for large medical device and pharmaceutical companies and then entered the the biotech industry. This wouldn’t have been possible without the combination of biomedical knowledge and business knowledge.

In Johnson & Johnson, I am able to make the biggest impression on a constantly changing workplace and be exposed to. I would like the chance to further introduce myself and am looking forward to hearing from you.