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Dear Sir/Ma

I am sending my resume for consideration for the position of Logistics Officer for Red Bull North America, Inc.

I completed my studies with a Bachelor’s degree from the field of Management Information Systems. I also completed a minor in accounting in order to boost my resume and to provide an excellent base for an entry-level job in the logistics industry. Additionally, I have learned a lot of amount and stay up-to-date on global markets for the latest trends and be aware of how the world’s trade laws have evolved.

I began my career in a position of entry-level in which I worked closely with the accounting department at my company. I helped come up with new strategies to allow manufacturing to be more efficient and cost-effective. Although my strategies or ideas were adopted, I learned an enormous amount about how companies can get the most value from their workforce and increase profits. The position I held was upgraded to the position of logistics officer and I have thoroughly enjoyed my job however I am always looking for fresh challenges that my different position could bring.

I am a lover of travel and I would have no difficulty working in any area your company might require of a Logistics Manager. My goal is to make sure that each location is equipped with the most up-to modern systems in place to operate efficiently and effectively.

If this sounds like the kind of person you’re looking for in a logistical professional and you are interested in hiring one, then contact me at anytime at (555)-555-5555 to arrange an appointment to talk with me in person.




Dear Sir/Ma

I appreciate advertising in Graduate Landinviting applications for the internship for the position in the position of “Operations Team coordinator”, and I am submitting my application to you for your review.

SPAR the acronym for”the Dutch expression (in English) “through unlimited cooperation everyone regularly benefits” This is the primary reason for me to join the company because it is in line with my ideals of living. Apart from that, my experience as well as my ambition and enthusiasm lead me believe that I’m the perfect candidate for this position. In addition, I’ll be extremely proud to be employed by this long-running multinational retailer with more than 12,200 stores across 40 countries. In addition I am sure that my work experience with SPAR which is a household brand across the globe I will become an effective leader within Supply & Chain Management (SCM).

“Fresh Food Supply Chain in smart cities (Bordeaux)” is the project I’ve completed at my college. It will help me apply for any internship in SCM. Alongside the use for SCM principles in this project we’ve placed a lot of emphasis on the reduction of food waste and CO2 emissions. We also discussed the ways that logistics companies local transport network, local transportation networks, and the concept of cross-docking may be integrated into the transportation of food products. We also stressed that traceability is a crucial factor that enhances visibility into the supply chain. We presented very well-described scenarios using KPI’s that directly impact the improvement of giving customers the highest quality for a reasonable price and with a high quality of service.

My educational background as well as the knowledge I gained through the course “Masters in Global Supply Chain Management” at KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux, France (ranked 2 2nd globally) and work experience and interpersonal skills, as well as computing skills (including the SAP course offered at KEDGE) and leadership skills and the ability to be a successful member of a team in a multi-lingual environment. I am certain I’ll finish my work experience to the complete satisfaction from my superiors. I assure management that I will never squander any effort to prove my worth to the business.

I am all set to pick my internship starting on 1 1 of June in 2016.

We look forward to your positive response.


Sample Cover Letter for Supply PLANNNER

Dear Manager of Recruitment,

I recently graduated from the [name of schoollocated in the [Localization of the schoolthe school]. When I was looking for jobs in the field I came across this advertisement in search of the position of Supply Chain Planner. As a graduate of logistics engineering I am confident that I’m a qualified candidate for this job.

By studying Supply Chain Management (SCM) over the past five years, I’ve gained a wide array of knowledge about SCM. I was able to understand different forms of inventory management as well as how to ensure optimal levels of inventory throughout your supply chain. Additionally, I am proficient with ERP systems since I have had the chance to use SAP as well as ERP Prelude. Because of the forecasting strategies I was taught, I also gained knowledge on how to improve the visibility of information. This is a crucial aspect that helps speedy and accurate decision-making and planning within SCM.

My knowledge of SCM was further developed through my experience in the field at the [company name] internship. In [company nameI was a part of several projects that involved production planning and quality control. I analyzed the schedule of operations and suggested an alternative schedule for molding products to improve efficiency of production. The company has accepted my suggestion and is currently looking into how to implement it in the near future.

I am a fan of punctuality and dependability. In SCM the importance of time is crucial because the demands of today are constantly changing and require quick solutions. I am a fan of working on problems that require analysis and pushing myself to think in a new way to find solutions. I’m proficient in English as well as French and have a strong desire to learn a new languageand culture.

I am looking forward to meeting you to discuss further about this career path. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

If you have any concerns I am available to answer your questions at any time.

Best Regards,



Dear Sir/Ma

My name is [name] I am a freshman in the University of California, Berkeley and I’d like to be evaluated for a summer audit internship in San Francisco. San Francisco office.

I’m looking for an internship in auditing during the summer since I believe it will provide me with an invaluable experience and knowledge within the audit practice. After hearing about audit services provided by different professionals, it has motivated me to take up a career in the field of audit due to their ability to work with different clients, as well as learn about the business and financial circumstances that have always been a passion for me. I am also convinced that I’ll have the opportunity to work with a lot of students just like me who are enthusiastic as well as eager to improve, which will motivate me to work more and achieve my goals as an intern. I am confident that I will be a part of the success of other students and my own through my past experiences. I believe that this program gives students the opportunity to gain experience in audit as well as team-building, networking and meeting with business professionals. This will help me to gain knowledge for my next career path in audit.

This summer, I was a participant in an event called the Deloitte Future Leaders Conference, where I had the opportunity to connect with numerous Deloitte professionals as well as learn how to avail the various services Deloitte provides. I learned important soft skills and also got the chance to meet one their clients. I learned many valuable ideas for networking with professionals as well as the presentation skills I apply in my daily activities. I was interested in learning more about Deloitte’s offerings, its culture, and the people who work there. This gave me an understanding of a company I would definitely like to be a part of. This conference has increased my curiosity and strengthened my decision to enter auditing as a career option particularly at Deloitte.

I also work for my workplace at the University of California, Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admissions as an administrative assistant. I work as a customer service representative who provides assistance to customers in relation to admissions, as well as other services the office provides. I manage and lead diverse projects, which comprise of creating a handbook for new employees for reference to designing games for children in a particular occasion. I developed more leadership abilities as well as knowledge about professional conduct that helped me develop my skills. The experiences I had both as a participant and an assistant are just a few of my experiences that I could contribute to the internship.

I have attached my resume to you for review too. I would like to meet in person in order to be able to discuss more detail about my contribution I could make to this particular internship. If you need additional detail or have any questions, you can contact me by phone or email I mentioned above.

Best Regards,



Dear Sir/Ma

As a 3rd year Supply Chain Management major at the University of Maryland, I have spent a lot of time looking for the kinds of thrilling opportunities offered by Bechtel. As you can see from my list of qualifications, I’ve worked working in various capacities. I’m familiar working on my own as well as in a team environment I’ve been recognized specifically for the work I do. My distinctive skills and my passion for logistics and management of supply chains make me an ideal participant for this year’s Supply Chain and Procurement Internship.

About two years ago I started an internship with a booming oil and gas company located in Bangalore, India. Since I had no previous knowledge of the industry I was forced to learn as much as I could to ensure that I didn’t fall behind. I was immediately acclimated and, at the conclusion of my work experience, I was the only intern selected to be a part of the North American Oil Council Assembly to represent the whole company. You can count on me to adjust to your workplace environment quickly and deliver efficient and creative results, as I’ve proven over the years. I then interned with a different oil and natural gas company, where I worked in a solitary manner, studying energy markets. The lessons I’ve gained in this field could be in use for any job setting I’m placed in, especially during an internship at Bechtel.

One of the most well-known engineering construction, procurement and construction firms, Bechtel needs a qualified intern with extensive experience, who is able to adapt to new situations that are well-spoken, comfortable, who can work in a team or on your own with other people and, more importantly, someone who is enthusiastic about the area. You’ve found the perfect candidate in my personal profile.

Thank you for considering me. I am looking forward to a conversation with you in the near future.