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Dear Benefit Human Resource Team,

I am very excited to apply for the junior supply chain and sourcing analyst job. I am very eager to advance my professional career within the world that deals with global supply chain as well as international sourcing. I am confident that you’ll find my expertise knowledge, education, and outlook an excellent match for this job.

My experience in the field is diverse however the most common thread throughout is a desire to connect individuals and communities in a meaningful manner, using various ways such as human rights, social justice advocacy as well as social entrepreneurialism. I have widened my interest in helping others by assisting them with my postgraduate studies, using the discipline of international trade as well as international business as more efficient vehicles to connect people to the methods that allow social mobility. These topics, while not directly connected to the job I’m hoping they will clarify my reasons for being attracted to the job. My desire to perform meaningful activities on CSR to improve global supply chain and source depends upon stepping in to the industry and acquiring the basics and developing my academic MBA and knowledge of international trade into practical skills by gaining experience-based learning. This job is the perfect opportunity to accomplish that. I am confident that I have just as many things to contribute as I am able to benefit and I am confident that I can start working and be successful immediately. My confidence in my abilities for the job comes from previous successes in positions at office environments that are fast-paced and require an exceptional level of organization, as well as outstanding time management and project management abilities. These roles made use of my natural interest in details and a strong determination to succeed.

My main strengths are analytical research, co-ordination logistics writing, and flexibility. I am the owner of my own projects. I am working towards becoming an authority on the field by digging down to the most granular levels to find the subtleties and details that can have a significant influence on the bigger picture. In addition, in order to understand the overall picture using the entirety of its components I’m adept at finding connecting and extrapolating the most significant information and details. I am a firm believer in doing things the right way and have learned to not be afraid of sunk costs and am aware of the importance of a thorough cost-benefit analysis. I am a committed employee, working to ensure that the task is done properly and when it is required to be completed. I am always glad to accept the opportunities, big and small helping others, and perhaps learn something new or meet someone new.

Benefit is a fun business and one I’ve happily served as a customer for a long time. Thank you so much for your attention and time, and I am looking for your response.

Best Regards,





Dear Sir/Ma

This letter is to inform you of my interest in the position for Procurement officer. I will make use of my vast experience, extensive supply chain and operations expertise as well as strong leadership capabilities and excellent relationship management skills.

Reviewing my resume will quickly prove that I’m able to develop and implement process improvement to streamline activities while simultaneously increasing the efficiency and quality. My strengths are primarily but aren’t limited to logistics management, processing, confirming statements, and designing and implementing processes. Additionally, I am able to drive efficiency of teams and surpass productivity targets all as ensuring high-quality service


My operational knowledge is adept in the areas of customer service, vendor relationships management, and problem solving. Additionally, my aim is to turn my passion as well as my creativity and experience into a job where I can grow in the field of operations, and using my education and capabilities to add value to businesses. I am sure that my contribution to the company will be positive.


There is much more to discuss to the organization, I would like an interview with me to discuss ways in that I can help in getting the organization’s objectives met. I appreciate your consideration.





Dear HR Manager

It is my intention to inform you of my desire to be considered for the logistics and operations manager job at Sydney, Australia. I recently completed the MBA from Regents University in London, Englandwhich is where I earned the American equivalent of First-Class Honors (3.89 GPA). I am convinced that my impressive work ethic, dedication to specifics, and analytical capabilities can make a difference to the operations at Uber which makes me a great candidate for this job. Although I am applying directly for the post of operations manager in Sydney however, I am willing to working in an operations position in London which is where I am located, or even moving to another city if necessary.

As I have stated in my CV, I relocated out of America to London. US to London right after I received my bachelor’s degree and pursuing of my masters to improve my understanding of business and match my professional goals. While this might not have been a conventional decision regarding educational or career choices however, I’ve a long history of seeking out diverse, unique challenging experiences, and postgraduate study abroad was not an exception. What I’m lacking in experience I make up by my drive, education knowledge and enthusiasm.

I’m extremely enthused about Uber’s mission, and took 2 months during my master’s time researching the company and its impact on the marketplace to write the purpose of writing a term paper on Managerial Economics. Uber’s ability of using analytic data and the fundamental economic theories to adequately meet the market at any time while minimizing the risk of zeroes appears to be not matched by its competitors. The Uber company, without doubt has revolutionized the market and the chance for me to be a part of your group could be a fantastic chance. I believe that I possess the abilities and the work ethic to be an effective contributor to your team during this time of rapid growth of your business.

I would love having the opportunity to discuss with you your needs specifically and how I can be able to meet your needs. Thank for reviewing my application. I am looking to hearing from you.

Thank you for your kind words,



Dear Sir/Ma

I am hereby submitting my resume for job of Logistics Assistant, in the advertisement published by XYZ Newspaper on the 16th November 2014. I am a highly skilled Logistics professional who is highly organized, I am certain that I have the ideal combination of abilities to add value to your business.

In the last six years I’ve accumulated a vast amount of experience in the field of logistics and administration in a variety of settings. As a logistics manager at ABC Company, I was accountable for initiating and processing, as well as review, and follow up activities related to the administration department. I was also responsible for the updating of the company’s website as well as managing and developing internal databases.

I also provide regular office support, such as operational travel plans to board members. My strengths lie in my ability to implement and develop business strategies and follow-up with key stakeholders to ensure that payments are made to vendors.

I would like being considered to fill a position within your company as I think I have these same abilities integrity, honesty as well as respect for the diversity within your company.

I have enclosed the enclosed United Nations Personal History Form and CV to review. I can be reached on 0712 345678 if you have any questions concerning my application




Dear Sir/Ma

As a third year Supply Chain Management major at the University of Maryland, I have been searching extensively for the kind of exciting opportunities Bechtel offers. As you will see from my resume, I have experience in a variety of capacities, I am familiar with working independently and in a team setting, and I have been specially recognized for the kind of work that I produce. My unique qualities along with my strong interest in supply chain management and logistics makes me an ideal candidate for the 2014 Supply Chain and Procurement Internship.

Two years ago, I began an internship with a growing oil and gas firm in Bangalore, India. With no prior experience in the industry, I forced myself to become an expert so that I wouldn’t fall behind. I got acclimated immediately and at the end of my internship, was the only intern chosen to attend the North American Oil Council Assembly to speak on behalf of the entire company. You can trust me to adapt to your work environment immediately and to deliver reliable and innovative results, as I have proven in the past. I went on to intern for another oil and gas firm where I worked independently analyzing energy markets. The skills I’ve learned working in this industry can be applied to any work environment that I am placed in, particularly in an internship with Bechtel.

Among the most respected engineering, procurement and construction companies, Bechtel needs a qualified intern who has extensive experience, who can adapt to any new challenges, who is well-spoken and personable, is able to work independently or in collaboration with others and most importantly, one who is excited about this field. You have found this candidate in me.

Thank you very much for your consideration, I look forward to interviewing with you soon.