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Dear Sir/Madam,

As a student in the third year of the “Business School” Master’s in Finance program, I’m looking forward to pursuing my career in the field of Corporate Finance. It is my intention to write to you because I am keen to apply for full-time employment within the international M&A or Leveraged Finance team preferably based in London. I am convinced that working in a top-ranked investment bank like “Company 1” would be an ideal place to make complete use of my skills and knowledge. In my gap year, I was able to complete a six-month work experience in the “Company 2” BIEN M&A Department (French MidCap and Emerging Markets) in Paris. During the internship I was involved in pitching preparations and also in conducting two deals that involved food, one in the sector, and the second in the media/music sector (please check my CV).

Being able to work effectively in conjunction with team members from the M&A team, potential buyers and their clients helped me to enhance my technical abilities and professional mindset. In fact, I acquired a solid knowledge of complicated financial models like cash flow model and leveraged buyout models and I honed my endurance and my resiliency to pressured situations. I was able to meet the highest expectations of my colleagues.

Prior to this job I was employed for about six months in the capacity of a trainee Junior Auditor for “Company 3” in Paris. Through various missions of auditing of the statement of accounts I was able to significantly expand my skills in accounting analysis in addition to my efficiency and rigor in tackling short deadlines and tackling the issues I had to deal with. Alongside these work experiences and my academic background – “Business School’s” Master’s Degree in Finance – enables me to further develop and expand my technical expertise of Corporate as well as Investment Banking. Therefore, I would like to gain more about this department. M&A and Leveraged Finance Department at “Company 1”. A full-time job could be an excellent chance for me to get more involvement and accountability over time in an extremely stimulating and challenging work environment.

I am interested and eager to learn, and I am convinced that because of my abilities and enthusiasm I am able to contribute significantly to your organization. I thank you for taking a look at my application. I’d be more than happy to discuss my experiences and motives during an interview. I look to hear from you shortly, yours always faithfully,

Sincerely, XYZ




Dear Sir/Ma

I have recently been introduced to this position via this Morgan Stanley Careers page and was impressed by what I learned about the requirements for this internship. I’m interested in doing an Global Capital Markets off Cycle internship with your company and am attaching my resume and information about myself below.

The experience I had with Maersk Global Services, my former company, Maersk Global Services includes the accountability of cost analysis and cost control for the cost of bunker and time charter in the case of MCC (Maersk Consolidated Cargo) vessels operating within Asia

I previously worked at Copal Partners where I was responsible for profiling potential targets for transactions that could be short listed , after conducting analysis of the financials, industry and previous transactions. I was also in charge of deal execution, constructing financial models for valuation of corporate assets as well as preparing marketing and due diligence documents such as pitch books, teasersand data rooms and information memorandums.

My experience also includes target recognition and deep analysis of renewables with Global Data

With my experience in Finance and my experience of two years of Accounting & Finance / Research and one year of M&A (emerging market) I am ideal candidate to take on your Global Capital Markets off Cycle internship with your company. I can work in a fast-paced and demanding work environment that requires the highest quality of service under short deadlines. I look forward to working with and helping your company.

A version of my résumé is included to serve as a for reference. I would be happy to discuss my skills with you and find out more about possible synergies when you are able to do so. I’m willing to begin the internship right away.

Sincerely, XYZ




Data Sir/Ma

It is my intention to convey my desire to be considered for this Data Science Intern position at advisor CONNECT. The position offered in this advertisement is attractive, and I’m convinced that I’ll be a successful candidate for this position since it is completely in the same vein as my academic background as well as alignment with my career objectives.

After carefully examining the roles and responsibilities of the job I believe that I am an ideal candidate for the job. I have outstanding analytical and research abilities that I acquired during my time as a masters student in management of technology with a concentration on Data Science. I’ve been engaged on data in my academic work and job. Some of the areas of my work comprised cleaning, preparation and analysis of data, constructing the statistical model and trying it out that use predictive analysis, that is based on historical data using Weka, Minitab, R and so on. as the most important areas of analysis that help to pinpoint and suggest solutions to the major issues faced by companies taking into taking into consideration. I was able successfully complete these projects, that is evident in the excellent grades I received on them.

In my time of study I also have developed various skills, including strategic analysis, competitive analysis solving and meeting deadlines, working in teams, making powerful presentations, multitasking, to mention a few. I am convinced that I have a many things to contribute and profit from this opportunity and am confident that it will be a rewarding experience.

It will be an excellent opportunity to hold an interview with you. Thanks for taking the consideration and time.

Sincerely, XYZ




Dear Sir,

As a highly experienced Monitor and Evaluation officer I have been reading your job description for an upcoming Monitoring and Evaluation Manager with keen interest. My background is in line with the skills you’re looking for and, specifically, my work as an Evaluation and Monitoring Officer at the National Support and Relief Agency (NSSA) – Syria I am confident that I could be a great addition to your company.

With over 10 years of experience working in the field of Monitoring and Evaluating Officer, I’m proficient in the creation of frameworks as well as data collection analyses of research as well as statistical. Additionally, my work experience has provided me with a diverse expertise, with top analytical and critical thinking abilities.

In addition to my professional experience and personal strengths I have a strong academic foundation and a passion for humanitarian efforts and relief efforts for poor nations.

Check out my resume for more details about my skills and expertise. I will follow-up to schedule an appointment for a discussion about how my skills and background can be a match for your needs.

We appreciate your consideration and time.






Dear Hiring Manager,

This is to inquire whether you have a post for volunteering such as an Monitoring & Evaluation officer in your company.

I am passionate about humanitarian work and want to gain international experience with an organization that is reputable like yours. In the last two years I

I am a meticulous person who is hardworking and pays close attention to details. I can be flexible, quick to learn new abilities and willing to learn from others.

In return, I provide outstanding focus on detail, skilled communication abilities, top computer abilities and an aptitude to manage complex projects, with a demonstrated capacity to keep deadlines. My achievements and qualifications are detailed in my resume. I am looking at receiving a positive answer from your.

If you don’t have any open positions in the present I would be very grateful to keep my CV in your file in case of any future opportunities. Thank you thanks for taking time to read through my CV.

Yours Sincerely XYZ