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A motivation letter for European studies is one such letter, which is written and addressed by a student to any European University with a purpose of seeking admission in such University/institution.

The majority of us aspire to study from dream educational institution or the University and most of them are actually located in European continent, therefore we address our admission motivational letter to European studies.

Here in this article we would provide our fellow scholars with an ultimate guide and samples of motivational letter for European studies.

Using this guide and sample letters you can write your own motivational letter to get accepted in any educational institution of Europe.

Why Motivational Letter for European Studies?

Well, it’s a general trend these days that almost all educational institutions/Universities in Europe request students to provide the motivational letter at the time of seeking admission.

This letter helps Universities to get to know the candidate in personal manner, such as by understanding the ambitions/motivations of candidate for the admission into specific programme of University.

On the basis of this motivational letter University analyze the competence of candidate and takes the final decision regarding granting admission to such candidate.

As a matter of conclusion and utmost significance this motivational letter can be a game changer for any candidate, who wants to study from the specific European institution and therefore you must write this letter with your utmost spirit.

Sample Letter of Motivation for European Studies

Check out our sample motivational letter for European studies as the basic reference, by which you can draft your own motivational letter.


Dear Sir/Madam

I’m writing my motivational letter to seek admission into University of Edinburgh for the programme of European Law which is the flagship programme of University.

I have recently finished my graduation programme in Arts from UCL University, which is another ace University of Europe and now I’m further looking forward to pursue my career in the domain of law primarily in European continent.

I’m born as an Asian citizen but have been raised mostly in Europe, therefore I’m having significant influence of the continent over me and especially the law of continent has fascinated me to the maximum extent.

This is the reason that why I’m so much willing to seek my career in this domain, so that I can get to know the overall law of continent and also work under the same domain.

I’m extremely thrilled and motivated to get going ahead in this domain, as I want to live rest of my life practising European law as the professional lawyer of an European country so that I can assist the people around me in the legal matters.

I hope that my motivational letter for admission in Law European studies would be given due importance and with that I’m looking forward to have the personality test interview ahead.

Thanks& Regards
Karlee Ross
























We hope that this sample would assist you in writing motivation letter for European studies, so that you can seek admission into your favourite domain under this programme.



Motivation letter for postdoc is one such letter, which is written by a postdoc who is a person having completed doctoral (p.hd) degree and wants to further continue the research work even after successfully completion of the degree. This kind of letter is generally written by a postdoc to a University or the research centre, with the motive of having permission to further conduct the research work in a particular field or on a particular object.

In this article, we would reach out to our fellow postdoc and guide them in writing an effective motivation letter for their postdoctoral programme.

It would help them in seeking admission in any of their desired University/Research centres so that they can execute their ultimate goal through it.

How to Write Motivation Letter for Postdoc?

Well, as we know that postdoctoral letter is a very significant letter for any postdoc, who is looking forward to carrying on researcher work, therefore, this letter must be written in an according way.

Here below are our simple tips which should be considered while writing this letter by anyone.

  • Make your research first and have proper information about the research centre or the University, where you are applying for the postdoctoral programme and better if you know the PI (Principal Investigator) well, as the letter will be addressed to the PI (Principal Investigator) only.
  • Choose an appropriate format of the letter which starts with the date from the top and then write the name and complete correspondence address of the job poster.
  • Now just precisely introduce yourself to the PI (Principal Investigator), who is the reader of the letter and there clearly mention the motive of writing the letter, such as the name of the post for which you have applied.
  • You need to mention your educational background that whether you have completed p.hd or in the final year of it, as the case may be.
  • Now in the main body of letter you need to write the broad area of seeking your postdoctoral programme.
  • Here you should write up the reason, as to why you are willing to conduct the research work even after the completion of your p.hd programme.
  • You can write all the genuine cause of motivation here, which are pushing you to undertake this programme and moreover you must also write your research expertise in the letter if you have any in your p.hd programme.
  • State in the letter that how can you deliver something good and credible contribution to the goodwill of the research centre through your postdoctoral programme.
  • At last you can just end up the letter with the positive hope of having the personal interview for this research postdoctoral post with the PI (Principal Investigator).
  • We urge you to get the cover letter reviewed by any mentor or professor before posting it further.

How to Write Motivational Letter for Postdoc?


Sample Motivational Letter for Postdoc

Motivation Letter for Postdoc


Check out here a fine sample example of the motivational letter for the postdoctoral programme and then write your own letter by understanding the plot of this letter.


Dear Dr. Victoria Beckham

I’m writing this motivational letter for the application of the postdoctoral programme, whose opening has been lately advertised in the local newspaper of the region. I have recently finished my p.hd from Harvard University and there I was executing the lab research as well.

As of now I have finished both my P.hd and the research work under the lab of University and now I’m looking forward to carrying out my research further. I’m basically a medical student and I was carrying my research on the family of viruses, which could be the possible cause of any pandemic which may take birth among mankind in future.

My research was basically based on understanding the formation of these viruses and then figure out the possible antidote or vaccine to overcome the impact of this virus.

I’m a very passionate researcher and this is the only reason that why am I willing to opt for the postdoctoral programme so that I could finish my research before getting into the world of academics.

I believe that your research university would consider and respect my strong will and determination for the execution of my research work.

I’m sure that I would be able to glorify the goodwill of University across the international scale of research work.

Thanks& Regards


So, this is how you can write your own motivational letter for the postdoctoral programme to get yourself shortlisted under the desired University. Keep the letter concise and brief to the point.

  1. Motivation letter to employee is a very popular letter, which is often used across all the major workplaces to boost the morale of the workforce and appreciate their dedication to the allotted work/project for any entity or organization. This letter is commonly written and addressed by the owner of the business or the CEO of large organizations such as MNC’S to the working employees, as the motivational tool to lift the morale of employees so that employees can work with their full potential and will power.

We will guide you to write this letter in the most effective way so that you can charge up and motivate the exhausted employees to achieve more for themselves and the organization as well.

How to Write a Motivation Letter to Employees?

There are certain things or the aspects of motivation letter for employees, which must be kept into consideration while drafting this letter. We are here mentioning all those key aspects below so that you can take the notice of them during drafting this letter.

  • Before sitting down to write a motivation letter to employees, you must have ample information about all the concerned employees therefore we urge you to collect all the relevant information.
  • Start the letter with an opening that is filled with respect and gratitude to the employees, as it will show the genuine concern of an employer with its employees.
  • Now coming forward you should once again be grateful to the employees and show up your excitement, as to how much you are enjoying addressing this motivation letter to the employees.
  • Next in the main body of the letter, you should first announce something rewarding to the employees, as it will fill the employees with some positive vibes and their morale will begin boosting in itself.
  • State in the letter that you really appreciate the efforts and the amount of hard work that the employees have put in to take the organization where it is today.
  • Now you should gradually start inspiring the employees that it is just the beginning yet and we still have a lot of potentials to take our organization ahead by our united efforts.
  • By Stretching it forward you can mention some goals of the organization that the organization is looking forward to achieving with its employees and for its employees.
  • Mention that we are going to get there together and we would cherish it together once we reach the goals.
  • Show up your faith in the employees that you have full belief in employees, who can make it come true with their sheer dedication to the organization.
  • You can offer some other rewards to the employees like their weekly or desired off whenever they want to consider a break from the work.
  • At last, just end the letter with your gratitude once again to the employees and assure them that the organization is in existence just because of the employees and their dedication won’t ever be forgotten.

Motivational Letter to Employees from CEO


Sample Motivation Letter to Employees

Well, here is a sample of motivation letters to the employees, which is being addressed by the employer/CEO to a random employee of the organisation. We hope that this sample would be enough for the practical exposure of all those employers, who want to write one such letter.

Jenna Presley

CAC Company
Local Downtown Road

Dear Jenna Presley,

I just want to begin this letter with my utmost gratitude to you and your efforts, which have pushed the organization to reach the newer dimensions of growth. I’m so glad to know that you have put an extraordinary amount of work this year on the successful execution of the project which was led by you.

We humbly take note of such noble services to the organization and as a little sign of reciprocation, we are offering you one week of paid off tour to any of your desired European nations. We respect and understand your never tiring working efforts for the organization. Further, as a token of respect, we are just willing to provide you with some quality off schedule from the work so that you can refresh and recharge yourself for the upcoming endeavor for you.

We want you to perform even better in this coming year since we know that you still have super potential to cruise the organization ahead by your noble work ethics. Kindly let us know if we can offer you our cooperation in some other ways, as we want to appreciate your diligent work in a notable manner.

The organization won’t ever forget your unique working etiquettes and we believe that you would continue to keep performing even in some better ways both for yourself and then the organization as well

Thanks& Rewards
CAC Company

It was the random sample of motivation letter to employees, which would provide you with the basic plot of this letter. You can draft your own style motivation letter for the employees.

Motivational Letter to Employees from CEO

Motivational Letter to Employees from CEO




Motivational letters are the significant letters of today’s generation, as we often ask How to write a motivation letter for the numbers of occasions, whether it is in the context of seeking admission or applying for your first ever job. These letters are basically the source or medium of showing up one’s motivation for any job or admission to the reader of the letter which may be either the HR department or the admission granting authorities of any educational institution.

So, if you want to write a motivation letter for whatever occasion then we are here to guide you in that cause.

In this article, we would suggest some tips and tricks to write an influencing motivational letter so that you can get accepted anywhere you want whether it is your dream job or admission to your dream University.

How to write a Motivation Letter

How to Write a Motivation Letter?

The motivation letter is often the significant and primary letter, which is asked from a job/admission seeking candidate into a multinational company or the globally recognized educational University.

You need to follow some simple tips in order to write this motivation letter for both of the occasions, which make can make your letter unique and on point.

We urge you to read out those tips here below in this section.

  • First of all, you should divide the whole letter of motivation into three parts, which are the introductory, main body and the ending or conclusion parts.
  • You just need to draft this letter in accordance with all these three parts.
  • In the introductory part, you are supposed to introduce yourself to the reader of the letter in a way that the reader can get enough information about you concerning the employment or analyzing you as a student for the admission purpose.
  • You need to define the motive of the letter in the introductory part and also mention educational qualifications as of the present date.
  • Next in the main body of the letter, you will be mentioning the cause, as to why you are applying for the job/admission through this motivational letter.
  • You are supposed to clearly state the reasons for your motivation to apply for the concerned job or admission for the particular course at University.
  • You can also state the other aspects here such as your working experience or the internship experience/skills, educational performance, etc, which matter in the course of job and admission as well.
  • At the end, you can just wrap up your letter with the whole summary, so that reader can easily narrate the summary for the ultimate conclusion of the letter.
  • Show your regards to the reader in the end and then gracefully end the motivational letter.

How to write a Motivation Letter

How to Write a Motivational Email?

Well, there is a difference between the motivational letters and the motivation emails, as motivation letters are generally written by the job or admission seekers to the employer or admission authorities, as the case may be.

On the other side, motivational emails are generally sent by the leaders and employers to their employees to boost their morale and keep them positively going for any endeavor.

Here are top tips that would help you in creating a powerful and motivational email to your employees.

  • You should begin the email by hailing and appreciating the utmost efforts of the employees, which they had shown in executing the particular project.
  • Keep in mind that your sense of gratitude in the email would be enough for them that as a leader or an employer you value your working team.
  • Further, you should always try mentioning all the positive aspects of the team in order to encourage their morale so that they can keep performing better.
  • Choose your words carefully as the words make a huge difference in the way you use them to motivate employees.
  • Further, you should show up the utmost confidence in your team and reward them with something as the acknowledgment of their hard work and dedication.
  • Give them the power and freedom to take some basic decisions related to the workplace.
  • Offer them your utmost support in the form of paid leaves or bonuses etc as it will keep them content both in the context of finance and maintaining personal space.

So, these are some of the positive aspects of the tips, which you should keep in your consideration while writing a motivational email to the employees or team. You can add up such other positive key points to show respect and value to the whole workforce.



Motivation letter for volunteer is a significant letter, which is used for the noble cause of contributing in an act of volunteering either on own or on the behalf of organisation.

This letter is widely used to express the strong will to participate in an act of volunteering being done by any organization, such as NGOs or other charitable trusts which come forward for the humanitarian cause.

Here in this article, we are basically going to guide our volunteer’s heroes to write an effective motivation letter for volunteering, by which they can seek their desired act of volunteering.

This letter would speak up on behalf of those volunteers so that they can be allowed to participate in the volunteering act on the behalf of any concerned organization.

How to Write Motivation Letter for Volunteering

Well, you don’t have to be damn qualified in order to address and influencing motivation letters for the volunteering cause, rather you just have to state your strong will through this letter.

We urge you to consider our below-mentioned tips while writing this letter.

  • You must do your own research about the concerned organisation before writing the motivational cover letter, as only after that you will be able to write the letter with full information.
  • Introduce yourself in the letter in such a way that depicts that you are purely concerned with the social services and have the pure volunteer will for it.
  • Next you can define the reason as to why you are willing to opt for the volunteering cause, such as you want to gain some experience or you want to give back to society etc.
  • Keep the letter precise to the point and your cause of volunteering should be simple and easily understandable to the reader of this cover letter.

Motivation Letter for Volunteer

Here we are compiling a random sample of motivation letter for volunteering, which would help all the beginners in drafting this letter in a simple way.

Tom Hanks
654 Downtown
Beverly Hills
California 7865432Tony Cheddar
Helping Hands Organisation
Los Angeles 897601Dear SirI’m writing this motivational letter for volunteering to contribute my willful part for the cause of humanity, which is being currently executed by the organisation. I have significant experience of have volunteered for the numbers of occasions amidst the several crisis across the country.I have volunteered myself in the past year during the time of Florida flood crisis, which took numbers of days to provide the extensive aid to the victims and we did it great together. There are many other such occasions, where I had volunteered myself on a small scale aid as I was just beginning during that period.This is the time again when I have got the opportunity to provide myself for the humanitarian cause and I’m so motivated to go ahead and contribute whatever part is possible for me.Thanks& Regards
Tom Hanks

Motivation Letter for Volunteer


Motivation Letter for Volunteer Work or Position

If you are having some significant working experience in the domain of volunteering on the behalf of any organization, then you can apply for a permanent position across the available organizations.

Here is another sample of motivation letter for volunteering, which can be written as an application to apply for a particular working post in any organization.

Dear Sir/Ma’am

I’m writing this motivation letter as an interested candidate to volunteer myself for the available post of manager at Bright Future organization, which is doing the commendable as an NGO.

I got to know about the position through the local newspaper and it literally suited my working interest and also the experience. I’m one of those people who are having a significant working experience to volunteer on the behalf of several NGO and charitable organizations, which work for social welfare.

I’m still looking forward to carrying on the same cause and for that, I find your prestigious organization, as the perfect platform to me. I would be honored to volunteer myself on the behalf of Bright Future and contribute my little part, as the selfless services to the society.

Thanks& Regards

motivation letter for volunteeR


So, this is how you can write your own motivational letter for volunteering and go on for your noble cause. We believe that these sample motivation letters and tips would be helpful for you in some ways.