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Motivation letter for students is one of the highly used letters across the educational institutions such as the Universities, Colleges etc, as this letterform a significant part of admission formalities into these educational communities.

This motivation letter for students is generally written by the students themselves and is addressed to the educational institution, at the time of seeking admission into those institutions by stating the strong will of motivation. Here in this article, we would provide some worthy tips to all the students for writing the motivational letter, as part of their admission process.

We would further attach some random samples of these motivational letters so that students can get the better practical exposure of the letters and then can accordingly write it for themselves.

Sample Motivation Letter for Students


How to Write a Motivation Letter for Students?

Here, we are dropping some useful tips for all those students, who want to write a decent motivational letter with greater possibilities of getting shortlisted for the admission consideration.

We urge you to take the notice of all these tips while drafting your own motivational letter.

  • First of all, you should choose a formal template for this student motivational cover letter, which suits the vibes/purpose of the letter and should be easily readable.
  • Now just make the respectful opening of the letter to the reader and then introduce yourself to the reader along with your current state of education or the internship as the case may be.
  • Next you should state the purpose of the letter at the end of the first introductory paragraph to make it clear for the reader of cover letter.
  • Now coming to the main body of letter where you need to focus upon selling your skills and the educational standard by expressing all of these aspects in a brief yet complete manner.
  • State your educational background/working experience/internship period etc and also mention your personal achievements in the letter, since all of these aspects put a positive impact on the credentials of the student.
  • In the third part of the motivational letter you should state your reasons of seeking admission into the particular educational institution and you should clearly mention how the specific course would help you in your career prospective.
  • Here you should also express your strong will of motivation, as to why you are so motivated about your admission into such educational institution.
  • Now in the last part of the letter, you basically have to show your positive hope that you should be asked for the interview regarding the admission and to discuss the more aspects of the candidate.
  • Further, we urge you to keep the letter as concise as may be possible and avoid any kind of grammatical mistakes.
  • At last you can just end the letter with your gratitude to the reader.

Sample Motivation Letter for Students

Well, here in this section you can check out the random sample of motivation letter for student.
The letter is being addressed to an educational institution by the student in the course of seeking admission by stating the motivational spirit of the student.

Karen Turner
235/8 Malibu Point
Texas 3657870
Contact-Professor Charles
University of Alaska
Downtown Street 6754280Dear ProfessorI’m writing this motivational letter as part of my admission application in the postgraduate programme of Alaska University for the stream of arts. I have recently finished my graduate from the National University of Arts and now I’m looking forward to pursue my master’s in the same stream.I was determined to undertake my master’s in arts from Alaska University, ever since I took admission into the graduate programme.Now I’m so excited to pursue my long awaited dream to become the honoured candidate of this prestigious University.I have qualified my bachelor’s in arts with a decent GPA score of 3.90 and also having the six months of internship programme from the renowned community of arts group. I want to further broaden the purview of my arts domain by pursuing the Master’s in this domain, which would push me towards the different dimension of art and cultural knowledge.I hope that my motivation for this programme would be well considered by the admission authorities and with this hope I’m looking forward to being called for the admission interview of the University.Thanks& Regards
Karen Turner

Motivation Letter for Students


We hope that the above-mentioned sample of motivational letter for the student will provide the students with a basic exposure to draft this cover letter in an easy manner.


In this post, we are going to discuss how to write a Motivation letter for summer School so in am going to tell every possible way to write the best letter, and you can easily get your seat in your collages.

Motivation Letter For Summer School Sample with Example

So below we also provide many examples:

Motivation Letter for Joining a Sumer School

11 March 2019.
Mr.  Nishchay Joshi,
Student at ABC Institution,
ABC Institute of Technology,
Knowledge park-II,
Greater Noida-201310
Uttar Pradesh.

Dear Joshi,

This is to bring to your notice about joining in the summer school which will be helpful for personality development and many more.

As a summer school is a course usually a lasting minimum of 1 week and maximum lasts for 2 months during in those days of attendance will be offered intensive tuition fee along with extracurricular activities will be helpful for personality development.

Any bright and conscientious student work harder to do well in their school, but it will be difficult to know about themselves as they are in a crowd. So, in this competitive generation, every person requires skills and knowledge to be unique. A summer school helps people to gain their skills and knowledge through mental ability.

The following may be the reasons to join a summer school person.

  • Helps in improving the grades. The most obvious reason for attending summer school for most of the people will be for improving the grades by providing a deeper knowledge about the activities around the world.
  • To build confidence on the subject on which we are not so confident. Summer schools create a great pavement for learning faster and getting up speed on the subject in which we are not so confident.
  • Helps in preparing for university applications. If we want to strengthen university applications about particular academic achievements then summer schools will be helping them for the reparation of effective application.
  • Helps in developing communication skills. A summer school helps its students to develop their academic communication that speaking confidently.
  • To study the subjects not available at their respective institutions.
  • Summer school helps in the development of academic skills with study circles, conducting debates, essay writings, elocutions, management games, knowledge tests, etc.
  • Helps to create a unique educational environment. Where people are surrounded by all the students which create interest to study and participate actively by watching other students and motivation given by them.
  • Will be creating new friends. One of the biggest benefits of going to summer school will be getting opportunities about exploring new friends from different backgrounds. This makes us to get know and create lasting relationships with the new people in the summer school.
  • Moving to summer school will help with knowing one’s personality building confidence as an individual, changing to a new environment, and adjusting life according to the environment.
  • Will be experiencing new culture than regular, gaining knowledge about different cultures, different mindset people
  • Joining at summer schools will be an opportunity to establish a really strong professional network by establishing friendships with new people in the colony, classmates, from all around the world which will outlast the duration of your summer school program.    
  • Joining in summer schools will be having a lot of fun and enjoyment for the students who joined over there. Not only concentrating on academic studies but also concentrates on overall all-round personality development.
  • Helps in the development of social skills, which makes people out of shy and able to speak not only in small groups but also in a huge crowd too.
  • Joining in summer schools helps people to gain independence to make self decisions, to makeover the personality according to the situations, to take steps towards the right path, gaining confidence in decisions, behavior towards others.

Expecting to make a better plan for joining the summer school and avail of the above-mentioned benefits.

Looking forward to your presence in the summer school.

Best Regards,
Naveen Reddy,

Motivation Letter For Summer School Sample

Motivation Letter For Summer School Sample



If you want to write the Motivation letter for PhD but you are still confused about how to write then don’t be feel Nervous. Below we have shared many guidelines and sample templates so you can take help of them and you can easily write.

Sample Motivation Letter for PhD Example

Motivation Letter For Ph.D. Scholarship Sample

Sruthi Reddy
Admission Department Of Computer Science
California Institute Of Technology
80 N  State College Of Management, Ca 484, U S A


Dear Ms. Sruthi

I Would Like to Explain My Interest In Studying Doctor Of Philosophy In University Of Hamburg, In Germany To Improve My Skills And Knowledge

I’m Extremely Keen To Apply For Ph.D. In The Department Of Data Science In Hamburg University, Germany As Its My Careers Best Turn To Be Person What I Want To Become. It’s Research And Development Program Methods Are Very Good Match For  Graduation I Did. I Completed My Bachelors In Cs In Osmania University Hyd. The Skills Which Learned Over These Years Are Extremely Useful For My Higher Graduation. I Learned All The Skills That Required For Data Science Department. My Skills Set Includes C-Language, C++, Java, Advanced Java. I Participated In Internships In Major Companies To Improve My Coding Skills And My Knowledge In Programming. My Internship, My Supervisor Mr. Raj Kiran Helped In Understanding The Data, Programming, Coding Skills. His Suggestions Towards Ph.D. Made Me Thinking About My Careers Highest Degree, Which I Feel Pushed Me In Good Path.

After Completing My Bachelors In C.S I Gained Great Knowledge. Then Decided To Do Masters In Computer Science. Then I Joined In the University Of Alberta In the Computer Science Department. What I Learned During My Bachelors Of C.S Are Significantly Improved. My Coding Are Programming Skills Are Appreciated By Many Of My Friends And Professors. I Gained a Lot Of Knowledge And Techniques Over This Period Of Of Time.

In Addition To That, I Participated In Internships In Reputed Companies To Get Better Knowledge. Which Helped In Achieving Proper Knowledge About Data Programming. During This Time I Worked In Development Forums Such Xda  Forums For Android Development And Window Development. Which Helped Me J Learning Program Development.

After Completing My Masters With Good Score And Proper Knowledge In Coding, I Decided That Phd In Data Science As My Career. I Decided To Join In Hamburg University In Germany As It’s The One Of The  Best University In Germany. As I’m Hoping That This Is My Career Best Opportunity To Become What I Wanted Since My Childhood Days. I’m Hoping This Descion Will Push Me Towards Right Path And Helps Me In Getting Proper Skills Set.

The Hamburg Is Best famous For Giving High-Quality Education In Ph.D. Which Is Exactly What I’m Expecting. During This Period Of I Want to Improve Both My Theoretical And Practical Knowledge Which Essential For Person. The Knowledge And Skills I Learned Over The Years Are Going To Be Fully Utilized During this Time.

During my Ph.D.  I Want To Utilize My Knowledge And Programming Skills To Makes My Training Easy. My Knowledge And Experience Are Enough To For To In The University Of Hamburg. I Thinking About Participating In The Development Websites During This Time So That U Can Sharp My Skills.

I’m Certain About Completed The Research In This University As my Previous Experience And Coding Skills Are Already Enough For My Research. I Confident That My Graduation Will Go Without Any Obstacles Cuse I’m Already Aware Of What I’m Doing, I’m Already Prepare For This. I Already Prepared For This Over The Years Wil Provides Me Proper Way To Achieve The Ph.D

As I Already Consulted With Dr. Johnson And Explained My Interest In Joining The University, I Hope He Is Going To Be Helping Me In Achieving My Goals.

Finally, I Want To Conclude That The Professional Experience And Knowledge Gained In Coding And Programming Over The Years Are Will Be Useful And I’m Going to Utilized Them Properly I  Achieving My Goals. I Decided To Join In University Oh Hamburg, In Hamburg Germany In Data Science Department To Fulfil My Dreams

Many thanks for your consideration.

Motivation Letter For Ph.D. Program

Motivation Letter For PhD Application

Motivation Letter For Ph.D. in PDF & Word Format




Motivation letter for Erasmus is a very significant letter for those students, who want to mingle themselves with the several UK based educational Universities and learn the new skills or expand their cultural horizon of learning. The majority of us want to have the best possible exposure of world-class education, in order to get the best career possibilities and Erasmus is one significant key to it.

Erasmus is basically the higher education exchange programme, which facilitates the students, teachers, universities to mingle together and share the relative educational skills with each other.

Here in the article we are going to help our fellow students and teachers to write an effective motivation letter for Erasmus.

How to Write Motivation Letter for Erasmus

The Erasmus community in general practice asks the applicants to provide for the motivation letter as the part of admission, so that the community can understand each applicant in a comprehensive manner.

Here below are some tips for each candidate, which should be followed up while drafting this motivation letter.

  • First of all choose a decent template for the letter, which should look simple and formal in the outlook and must be easy to read the content written on it.
  • Open the cover letter with a polite and respectful tone to the reader while introducing yourself and describing the motive of letter.
  • Keep the letter precise and on point since there are tons of other such letters, which have to be analysed by the community and shortlist the ones who deserves it.
  • Structure the whole letter in a systematic manner that the each paragraph of letter should appear separately for the ease of authorities.
  • While describing the reason of seeking admission in Erasmus don’t put the language as the sole cause of motivation, rather you should explain the various aspects of motivation and emphasise that how the Erasmus can help you in your academic goals.
  • At last just summarise the whole letter in such systematic way that it conclude the whole summary of motivation letter in the clear manner.
  • Next you can just end the letter with your regards to the Erasmus and mention your correspondence details in the end.

Motivation Letter for Erasmus

Well, here in this section we are attaching a random sample of motivation letter for Erasmus for the consideration of all the candidates, who are willing to write an influencing motivation letter.

Dear Sir/Madam

I’m honoured and thrilled to address my motivation letter to Erasmus, as the admission formality to become the part of Erasmus student exchange programme.

I’m currently pursing my MBA at the Harvard School of business and want to spend my one minimum semester at any University of Erasmus in any region of Europe.

I’m an ambitious and visionary student who thinks of mingling with the world’s educational culture, in order to witness the maximum edges of education from all around the world. This is the reason why I’m honouring this opportunity of Erasmus to attain the overseas standard of education in order to prosper on the path of my career.

I hope that I would be given the chance of being shortlisted for my Erasmus admission, so that I can proudly glorify the goodwill of this noble European community one day.

Thanks& Regards

Motivation Letter for Erasmus Traineeship Programme


Motivation Letter for Erasmus Student Exchange

Here is the sample motivation letter for the student exchange programme of Erasmus.

Dear Sir/Madam

I’m very much excited to make my admission application for the student exchange programme of Erasmus and addressing this motivation letter. It was my dream since childhood to become the part of global educational culture and I’m finally getting this noble opportunity through Erasmus community.

I’m currently the student of art and have finished my 3rd semester already from the prominent art college of India. Now I’m further looking forward to spend my next semester in any of the European art University to enrich my knowledge and skills in this domain.

I’m very much motivated to undertake this programme, as it will provide me whole new dimensions of knowledge and getting to know with the global wide culture of art.

I hope that my motivation and utmost aspiration for this programme would be considered by the officials of Erasmus community and I would be able to live my global educational dream ahead.

Thanks& Regards

Here is the sample motivation letter for the student exchange programme of Erasmus.

Motivation Letter for Erasmus Student Exchange


Motivation Letter for Erasmus Traineeship Programme

We have the sample motivational letter for those aspirants, who want to undertake their traineeship from Erasmus under its students exchange programme.

You can take a look of this sample letter here below.

Dear Sir/Madam

I’m addressing this motivational letter along with my admission application as the part of applying for the traineeship programme of Erasmus. I’m the student of engineering in IT domain and have finished my academics for the same from IIT India lately this year.

I’m currently due for the internship/traineeship part of my programme, which I want to pursue from Oxford University as the part of student exchange programme of Erasmus.

I have been carrying this dream since my childhood to attain my internship from Oxford University, but being a student with lower resources I couldn’t make it through due to the lack of high class recommendation.

I believe that through Erasmus I would be able to make my dream come true of seeking my internship in dream Oxford University. This traineeship programme would allow me to kickstart the best possible beginning of my career and I’m extremely motivated about it.

Thanks& regards

We have the sample motivational letter for those aspirants, who want to undertake their traineeship from Erasmus under its student’s exchange programme.

You can take a look at this sample letter here below.

Motivation Letter for Erasmus Traineeship Programme



Motivation Letter for Internship is a very popular letter, which holds significant relevance in the corporate and another educational sector. This letter can be considered, as the prime facie source of analysing the credentials and motivation for the internship in the engineering of the domain.

Well, if you are looking forward to writing or address an influencing letter of motivation to reserve yourself an internship sit in your dream engineering domain, then we are going to help you with it.

In this article we would provide you with comprehensive guidelines, by which you can draft unique motivation letter for internship in the engineering programme. Further, we would also attach some samples of the motivation letter for your additional exposure of the letter.

How to Write Motion Letter for Internship?

Well, as we all know that internship is a key factor which determines the fate of one’s long term career, therefore, you must draft this letter accordingly, so as to leave the first best impression in the mind of internship recruiter.

We urge you to take the notice of our below-mentioned tips while writing the letter of motivation for an internship.

  • First and foremost you should begin with the decent and respectful salutation part of the letter, which should show that you are having enough information about the correspondence address of organization, as it depicts your observation about the concerned corporate or institution.
  • Make sure that you use the neat clean and formal template for the internship cover letter, which feel decent and compatible to the reader.
  • Now simply address the recruiter or the HR of corporate in a resourceful manner such as “Dear Sir/Ma’am so that the recruiter receives positive vibes from you.
  • Next you simply need to mention the internship position for which you are willing to apply through this motivation letter.
  • We advise you to use the clear cut and right keywords for the specific internship designation.
  • You can mention your educational qualification background in the next section of letter and provide the other details regarding your educational background.
  • If you are having any working experience then you must put it in the letter as it will add weightage to motivation letter.
  • You can now describe the other aspects of your personality such as what motivates you to pursue internship in engineering and why do you think yourself as the worthy candidate for the internship programme.
  • You can also describe the incentives that the corporate will gain from you if you work as an intern under such corporate.
  • At last you can just proofread your letter before summing it up to make sure that it remains error free.
  • End the letter with your regards to the corporate and mention your credentials at last.

Motivation Letter for Internship

If you are seeking for some decent sample of motivation letter for internship in abroad, then we are ending your search here. Check out a random sample of motivation letter for internship to motivate yourself for writing your own motivation letter.

Tom Bajaj
76/34 Marine Drive
Mumbai 3467001 MH
776-375-962October 25,2018Syrus Mistry
Head of HR Department
Tata Consultancy
767665 Ahmedabad GJDear Sir,It’s a great moment of honour to me that I have been finally able to consider myself as the forthcoming intern of the noble Tata Consultancy, which I have adored and respected all my life.With this motivation letter of internship I just want to express my core will to seek an intern sit under the corporate, so that I can become a proud part of it and cruise my career ahead.I’m basically a software engineer and have finished my programme lately this year from the prominent institution of country. Further I’m due for my internship programme under the same domain, in order to have some practical working exposure in the field.I’m having decent credentials from my academic performance, as I have done well in my whole campus. I’m extremely motivated to pursue the internship programme from esteemed Tata Consultancy and I’m sure that I would live up to the prestigious legacy of this corporate giant.I’m looking forward for my interview call from the corporate with a positive attitude, so that I can show up with my excitement and motivation scale in the interview.I believe that prosperity lies only in learnings and I’m sure that I would be able to spread the positive working environment across.Regards
Tom Bajaj


Motivation Letter for Internship


Motivation Letter for Learnership

A motivation letter for leadership is simply one such letter, by which you can state your strong will or motivation to learn any skill or programme from any educational institution or the corporate group.

This letter can be basically considered just like the letter of motivation for an internship, as both of these letters are the source of seeking learnerships.

Ketan Sharma
Head of Marketing HR
Tata Group of Marketing
23/7 Chandigarh 649863Dear SirI’m writing this motivation letter for learnership with a purpose of conveying my strong motivation to seek admission in the ongoing marketing programme of the Tata management and marketing group.I’m currently pursuing my MBA from the noble institution of IIM branch in Ahmedabad. Being the student of management I have the strong instinct of marketing and selling business domain, therefore I want to sharpen my marketing skills by joining the programme of Tata groups.I’m having decent marketing working experience as I have finished my short period internship programme of our institution, where I have contributed over 30% of customers to buy a particular product of workshop through the Facebook and Twitter alike social media platforms.Further I’m looking forward to enhance my skills to get into the core domain of selling and marketing so that I can boost my career in this domain. I believe that my credentials would be considered to view me as the worthy candidate for this leadership programme for the group.Regards
Ashok Saldana

Motivation Letter for Learnership


Here is another sample motivation letter for the leadership programme for the consideration of all prospective candidates.