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A motivation letter for University is one of those documents which you will need to address to the University in the course of seeking your admission. This motivation letter is now almost required by every other University which considers the candidates for the sake of granting them admission within it and thus each and every candidate should know writing this motivation letter for the sake of their admission.

Many of us are aspiring and looking forward to getting their admission into their dream University, from where they want to pursue their desired program. Seeking admission into any University requires the pursuit of certain formalities and only after that the aspirants get their admission into the concerned program of the University.

How to Write a Motivation Letter for University

Writing  this letter it is very essential to know what should be included and what should not be included in a letter for motivation for school or college, Below is a few points which I have shared with you

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Subject
  4. Dear/Respect Sir/Ma’am/Name
  5. Body Part which you want to write
  6. Closing Lines
  7. Thanks
  8. Your Name with Address

With the help of the motivation letter, the candidates can convey their aspirations and motivation to the University which is inspiring them to undertake the concerned program of the University. This letter assists the University as well by enabling the University to consider the motivation source of the candidates and by considering the other information as well about the candidates.

Here in this article, you will be provided with a basic understanding of the motivation letter for University along with an easy yet effective guide for writing this motivation letter by your own self.

You can also get to see the sample and the example of this motivation letter here in the article along with their printable templates for your own use.

Sample Motivation Letter for University/College/School Example

Well, there is a famous saying that a picture is worth more than the thousands of words and in a similar way an example/sample of the motivation letter is going to make it more clear for you than any other verbal guide.  The sample or the example of the motivation letter for University will provide you with a basic understanding or the overview of the letter so that you can easily draft your own motivation letter for University. 

Here below you can check out the sample example of the motivation letter for your consideration. 

Motivation Letter for University Admission Bachelor

Jay Sean 
02108 3rd Place
Commonwealth Ave Boston


Charles Stanley 
Boston University, Commonwealth Ave
Boston 02101
Subject- Motivation Letter for College Admission 

Dear, Charles Stanley 

I have written this motivation letter as the explanation source of my motivation which is inspiring me to go on towards seeking admission into this noble University. I would like to make my admission application for the bachelor degree program in the stream of economics with this of my motivation letter and I’m enclosing all my details along with this motivation letter.

I’m _____ and I’m having a very keen interest in the domain of economics particularly about studying the economy of the whole world. It has been my interest right before my secondary higher education and since then I was always looking forward to taking my career ahead in the same direction. 

I have come across this of the Noble University and have been very fascinated about the course curriculum and the study environment within the University, which has literally motivated me to make my application for the admission into the University so that I can take a closer step towards my goals.

My passion for the subject has been so extreme that I have performed exceptionally well in this particular subject across my whole academics and I have also participated in the several economics international programs, in which I have received the standing ovation and the excellence certificate.

I’m now looking forward to becoming a world-class economist and I believe that this noble University will shape me into my dreams, for which I’m going to pay the price of a tremendous amount of hard work.

With this I would like to put and end on this of my motivation letter and I believe that my motivation letter would convey the right spirit of motivation from my side for this program of the University. I’m very much positive and looking forward to hearing the same words from the admission authorities of the University. 

Jay Sean

Motivation Letter For University Template in PDF, WORD

Motivation letter for university

The template of the motivation letter has become a very high demand document in the current scenario since the majority of the motivation letter authors prefer having this template. The template of the motivation letter makes it easy for the author of the letter in drafting the motivation letter as they just have to put their content into it since they have the frame of the motivation in advance. 

PDF Template

Word Template

Here in this section, we are going to provide you with the formal templates of the motivation letter in several formats including Word, PDF, Excel, etc. The template can be used by every such candidate who is looking forward to drafting their motivation letter for the University and this template can be easily printed by the users just on their single click.



Motivation letter for study abroad is a sample letter which is written by any student, who wants to study abroad and for the same cause such student is addressing this letter to any foreign educational institution. This is a very routine motivation letter which is generally asked by the majority of foreign educational bodies so that through this letter they can analyse the determination of concerned student, who wants to study in the concerned institution/University.

It is basically a very significant letter as it constitutes the part of the admission process and can literally decide the fate of any student, therefore the letter must be written in an influencing manner. We would help those scholars who dream of studying abroad by helping them in drafting an effective motivation letter so that they can be accepted anywhere in the foreign’s educational institution.

How to Write a Motivation Letter for Study Abroad?

Well, as we have already said that this motivation letter is going to be the admission key in your dream abroad University, therefore you should draft this letter accordingly.

Here are some simple tips which you should keep into consideration while writing your own motivation letter.

  • Before beginning writing the letter, you should choose a decent formal outlook template as a template of the letter speaks a lot of the candidate.
  • Now simply begin the letter with a normal salutation and then introduce yourself to the reader in a respectful and polite way.
  • Next state the motive of the letter in clear words so that reader can get the main context of the letter.
  • Further, you should state your motivation for opting the international educational body which should appeal to the admission authorities.
  • Kindly avoid mentioning such reasons of motivation as you want to get out of your country, I want to marry someone in that abroad Nation etc as these are the silly reasons and will pass the wrong image of the candidate.
  • You should state your motivational aspects by being ambitious such as you want to develop your personal and educational dimensions at an international level.
  • You can further state the other reasons as you are having a significant interest in knowing and interacting with the culture of the world and develop new skills such as language, arts etc.
  • State in the letter that how the abroad education will enhance your overall career and how you would be representing the decent goodwill of concerned University/institution in your own country and on a global scale as well.
  • You can just end the letter with the hope of anticipating personality interview test next with the admission authorities of the institution.

Motivation Letter for Study Abroad


Sample Motivation Letter for Studying Abroad

In this section, you can check out the random sample of motivation letter for studying abroad, which would work as a guide to you for writing this letter on a practical basis.

Dear Sir/Madam

I’m attaching this motivational letter to study abroad as the medium of showing my strong determination and the motivation to seek my admission into the prestigious University of Oxford.

I have recently finished my +2 from India with distinction, which can be considered as the decent GPA score in UK’s equivalent standard of education. I want to further pursue my bachelor’s programme in Data science management and honestly, it has always been my dream to earn my bachelor’s degree from the University of Oxford itself.

I’m having significant interest and motivation to pursue my career ahead in the data science management and in the machine learning programme, as both of these programmes are future-oriented.

Oxford University is the prominent University in the world has always fascinated me to become the honoured student of prestigious University. I’m more than sure that the University would drive me for the best career opportunities in the modern world of artificial intelligence.

I’m so determined to pursue my career from the University that I have the full faith in seeking the admission seat into the Institution. I believe if I’m provided with this opportunity then I would surely glorify the excellence of the University at an international level.

Thanks& Regards
Charles Dera

So, in a similar manner, you can write your own personalised letter of motivation to study abroad. We suggest you be genuine and put genuine motivation in the letter and you would surely have nothing to lose ahead.