Free Sample Motivation Letter Template for Students

Motivation letter for students is one of the highly used letters across the educational institutions such as the Universities, Colleges etc, as this letterform a significant part of admission formalities into these educational communities.

This motivation letter for students is generally written by the students themselves and is addressed to the educational institution, at the time of seeking admission into those institutions by stating the strong will of motivation. Here in this article, we would provide some worthy tips to all the students for writing the motivational letter, as part of their admission process.

We would further attach some random samples of these motivational letters so that students can get the better practical exposure of the letters and then can accordingly write it for themselves.

Sample Motivation Letter for Students


How to Write a Motivation Letter for Students?

Here, we are dropping some useful tips for all those students, who want to write a decent motivational letter with greater possibilities of getting shortlisted for the admission consideration.

We urge you to take the notice of all these tips while drafting your own motivational letter.

  • First of all, you should choose a formal template for this student motivational cover letter, which suits the vibes/purpose of the letter and should be easily readable.
  • Now just make the respectful opening of the letter to the reader and then introduce yourself to the reader along with your current state of education or the internship as the case may be.
  • Next you should state the purpose of the letter at the end of the first introductory paragraph to make it clear for the reader of cover letter.
  • Now coming to the main body of letter where you need to focus upon selling your skills and the educational standard by expressing all of these aspects in a brief yet complete manner.
  • State your educational background/working experience/internship period etc and also mention your personal achievements in the letter, since all of these aspects put a positive impact on the credentials of the student.
  • In the third part of the motivational letter you should state your reasons of seeking admission into the particular educational institution and you should clearly mention how the specific course would help you in your career prospective.
  • Here you should also express your strong will of motivation, as to why you are so motivated about your admission into such educational institution.
  • Now in the last part of the letter, you basically have to show your positive hope that you should be asked for the interview regarding the admission and to discuss the more aspects of the candidate.
  • Further, we urge you to keep the letter as concise as may be possible and avoid any kind of grammatical mistakes.
  • At last you can just end the letter with your gratitude to the reader.

Sample Motivation Letter for Students

Well, here in this section you can check out the random sample of motivation letter for student.
The letter is being addressed to an educational institution by the student in the course of seeking admission by stating the motivational spirit of the student.

Karen Turner
235/8 Malibu Point
Texas 3657870
Contact-Professor Charles
University of Alaska
Downtown Street 6754280Dear ProfessorI’m writing this motivational letter as part of my admission application in the postgraduate programme of Alaska University for the stream of arts. I have recently finished my graduate from the National University of Arts and now I’m looking forward to pursue my master’s in the same stream.I was determined to undertake my master’s in arts from Alaska University, ever since I took admission into the graduate programme.Now I’m so excited to pursue my long awaited dream to become the honoured candidate of this prestigious University.I have qualified my bachelor’s in arts with a decent GPA score of 3.90 and also having the six months of internship programme from the renowned community of arts group. I want to further broaden the purview of my arts domain by pursuing the Master’s in this domain, which would push me towards the different dimension of art and cultural knowledge.I hope that my motivation for this programme would be well considered by the admission authorities and with this hope I’m looking forward to being called for the admission interview of the University.Thanks& Regards
Karen Turner

Motivation Letter for Students


We hope that the above-mentioned sample of motivational letter for the student will provide the students with a basic exposure to draft this cover letter in an easy manner.


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