5+ Sample of Motivation Letter for Summer School Templates

In this post we are going to discuss how to write Motivation letter for summer School so in am going to tell every possible way to write best letter, and you can easily get your seat in your collages. So below we are also provide to many examples:

11 March 2019.

Mr.  Nishchay Joshi,

Student at ABC Institution,

ABC Institute of Technology,

Knowledge park-II,

Greater Noida-201310

Uttar Pradesh.


Dear Joshi,

This is to bring to your notice about joining in the summer school which will be helpful for personality development and many more.

As a summer school is a course usually lasting minimum of 1 week and maximum lasts for 2 months during in those days of attendance will be offered intensive tuition fee along with extracurricular activities will be helpful for personality development.

Any bright and conscientious student work harder to do well in their school, but it will be difficult to know about themselves as they are in a crowd. So, in this competitive generation every person requires skills and knowledge to be unique. A summer school helps people to gain their skills and knowledge through mental ability.

The following may be the reasons to join in a summer school to a person.

  • Helps in improving the grades. The most obvious reason for attending the summer school for most of the people will be for improving the grades by providing the deeper knowledge about the activities around the world.
  • To build confidence on the subject on which we are not so confident. Summer schools create a great pavement for learning faster and getting up speed on the subject in which we are not so confident.
  • Helps in preparing for university applications. If we want to strengthen university applications about particular academic achievements then summer schools will be helping in them for the reparation of effective application.
  • Helps in developing in the communication skills. A summer school help  its students to develop their academic communication that speaking confidently.
  • To study the subjects not available at their respective institutions.
  • Summer school helps in development of academic skills with study circles, conducting debates, essay writings, elocutions, management games, knowledge tests etc.
  • Helps to create unique educational environment. Where people are surrounded by all the students which creates interest to study and participate actively by watching other students and motivation given by them.
  • Will be creating new friends. One of the biggest benefits going to summer school will be getting opportunity about exploring new friends from different backgrounds. Which makes us to get know and create lasting relationships with the new people in the summer school.
  • Moving to summer school will help about knowing one’s personality building confidence as individual, changing to new environment and adjusting the life according to the environment.
  • Will be experiencing new culture than regular, gaining knowledge about different cultures, different mindset people
  • Joining at summer schools will be an opportunity to establish a really strong professional network by establishing friendships with new people in the colony, classmates, from all around the world which will out last the duration of your summer school program.    
  • Joining in summer schools will be having a lot of fun and enjoyment for the students joined over there. Not only concentrating on academic studies but also concentrates on overall all round personality development.
  • Helps in development of social skills, which makes people out of shy and able to speak not only in small groups but also in huge crowd too.
  • Joining in summer schools helps people to gain independence to make self decisions, to make over the personality according to the situations, to take step towards right path, gaining confidence on decisions, behaviour towards others.

Expecting to make a better plan for joining in the summer school and avail the above mentioned benefits.

Looking forward for your presence in the summer school.

Best Regards,

Naveen Reddy,


Motivation Letter For Summer School Sample

Motivation Letter For Summer School Sample

Motivation Letter For Summer School Example


How To Write a Motivation Letter For Summer School




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