Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Interest in the Position of Administrative Assistant. I am writing this letter for the purpose to express my enthusiasm for the position as an Administrative Assistant in the University of Global Health Equity. I am a graduate in agriculture in Rwanda from Rwanda’s University of Rwanda and I am currently studying for my Master’s in Development Studies at the same institution. It is my dream to get the position because I believe that by working at the University I can improve my knowledge in Administration and as a student in the field of development, I would love the opportunity to join an organization that is interested in the field of social justice and health equity in health care.

I’m the ideal candidate for this position because for the past three years, I was employed for Vision at an Nation Foundation and while their eye health program was in its initial phase of piloting I was responsible for everything from management and the logistics, registration, financial and coordination with various stakeholder. For me, this was an extremely challenging job that required excellent organizational abilities, multi-tasking skills and dedication.

Today , the VFANF Program has a strong relationship with the ministry of Health and I’m sure I was a major factor in the program’s successful outcomes. Additionally, as in college I was commissioned the responsibility by IFAD (International Fonds for Agriculture Development) to lead workshops for them. I was in charge of teams that managed everything from the booking of hotels for participants to arranging the agendas for the workshops.

Communication skills that are excellent and the ability to work in teams are essential for the successful execution of the job. SirIf you give me the chance I am sure that my character, professional experience of my work experience, organization and motivation will enable me to complete the task effectively. Therefore, I am grateful to you for the opportunity and am looking forward to your favorable response.


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