Dear Sir

With the reference to your vacancy announcement in for the position of Field Project Officer. based in fare west Nepal; I would like to offer my candidacy for the position. I have met the minimum requirements in terms of experience and qualifications that the job requires.

I am averaging more than seven years of working experience in the field that deals with social improvement in Nepal. In addition to my academic background, my work experiences in this field prompted my motivation to apply for the job.

I have a good grasp of spoken and written English and a strong determination to join a an organization of national scale. I’m confident to accept responsibilities with sound judgment and the highest level of responsibility that is necessary for this job. If you are given the opportunity for me to accept it, I guarantee you that I will take on all the responsibilities in a way that is both high quality and quantity and adhere to all regulations and rules to ensure the highest output in order to meet the expectations of the company.

In the end, I am looking for the chance of have an interview. I’m accessible at any time at your time.

Thank you.

Sincerely XYZ


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