Dear Sir/Ma,

It is my intention to inform you of my enthusiasm for your Human Resources Operations Internship position that you are currently advertising. Not only do my skills satisfy your criteria however, I believe that my analytical skills as well as my academic experience would be an excellent asset to the x

I realize that even with my educational background, I need to master a few things and I’m willing as well to be able and follow instructions and carry out many tasks in order to acquire the knowledge I require to grow my career. I have excellent written and verbal abilities and the ability to listen attentively and observe how procedures and tasks are performed. My ability to observe makes the possibility for me gain knowledge by sitting in interviews and meetings.

I know HR strategies as well as all laws and regulations pertaining to labor that are associated with HR departments. I have exceptional public relations abilities and the ability to assist new employees to assist them in learning about their roles and also to instruct the new employees on the company’s policies and procedures. I am also able be a part of a hectic and high-stress environment, but maintain a warm and professional manner.


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