Dear Sir

I’d like to announce my interest in this job that was recently advertised on your website. Presently I am an undergraduate student of the University of Nairobi undertaking MSc course in management and project planning. I am excited by the possibility of joining an established research team at the International Livestock Research Institute.

Prior to that, I was employed at xxx as an intern, and later, as an employee. My role included developing tools for data collection, gathering household and community-level information as well as data entry, cleaning and producing technical reports. I gained valuable knowledge in the field of research for development that has particularly influenced me to pursue my career path in the field of managing and planning projects. I also have gained vast knowledge and experience in the design of field surveys. My experience at ICIPE has given me exposure to multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. I have found that bringing researchers from various fields to be extremely advantageous, and my multidisciplinary experience has given me the ability to communicate effectively with diverse groups. I’m eager to continue working with researchers from different disciplines to help comprehend the complexities of questions.

My main research goal is to discover the extent to which participatory research methods employing FEAST as a method, impact the efficacy of feeding interventions, and to assess the impact on the understanding of those who employ the method. I’m attracted by this institute International Livestock Research Institute as an institution that values research that utilizes a broad range of methodologiesand allows collaboration with colleagues from other life sciences disciplines.

Apart from being a very flexible and self-driven individual I am also a fast learner with a solid understanding of both the basics of computer technology and the econometric software (including SPSS). I possess exceptional interpersonal and communication abilities. I am therefore delighted to be a part of your organization. I’ve attached my resume for your review.

Your consideration is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Yours Sincerely




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