Dear Hiring Manager,

This is to inquire whether you have a post for volunteering such as an Monitoring & Evaluation officer in your company.

I am passionate about humanitarian work and want to gain international experience with an organization that is reputable like yours. In the last two years I

I am a meticulous person who is hardworking and pays close attention to details. I can be flexible, quick to learn new abilities and willing to learn from others.

In return, I provide outstanding focus on detail, skilled communication abilities, top computer abilities and an aptitude to manage complex projects, with a demonstrated capacity to keep deadlines. My achievements and qualifications are detailed in my resume. I am looking at receiving a positive answer from your.

If you don’t have any open positions in the present I would be very grateful to keep my CV in your file in case of any future opportunities. Thank you thanks for taking time to read through my CV.

Yours Sincerely XYZ


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