Dear Sir/ Madam

Project Administration: Neighborhood Development Programme Reference No. 1603922 (S019 2014) published by African Website

This letter is to announce my desire to be a Projects Administrator job at the National Treasury. I am aware of the crucial role for the National Treasury in the development of neighborhoods as well as the enhancement of the socio-economic infrastructure of the whole community.

My knowledge of administration, project management, and finance enables me to offer the appropriate assistance required for the smooth operation on any given project. My understanding of efficient administration methods and exceptional communication skills provide me with the skills to effectively document and communicate with selected municipalities, government departments , and other stakeholders. You will find in me an efficient, confident and committed individual who can help in the success and management of the development plan.

I believe that my credentials and skills make me an ideal candidate for this post and I believe that I’ll prove to be a great asset for Treasury officials at the National Treasury. I am looking forward to having a conversation with you in the near future.

Yours Faithfully


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