Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter with tremendous excitement that I am writing directly to you regarding the job openings you have advertised within your organization for the post in the role of Project Manager with International Company Corp. The possibility of working for the industry’s most acclaimed leader such like International Company Corp is extremely exhilarating as it will be a privilege to bring the many talents I’ve acquired and refined over my 6 years of working for your company.

In the last four years, I’ve been employed as a project director in Domestic Business Co. with an incredible amount of satisfaction throughout every aspect of managing projects including detailed budget analysis as well as performance reviews as well as monitoring and approving the allocation of resources as well as working directly with clients on behalf of the business. My achievements in DBC has been acknowledged in a variety of ways and I was named the most productive Director of Projects’ award in 2012 and the ‘Most Productive Project Manager of the Year’ award in 2013.

Based on my research, International Company Corp. has successfully increased the volume of projects that it takes on each quarter and further strengthen its excellent standing in the market. Additionally, a growing number of these projects are focused on two specific areas that are renewable energy and economic revival of urban areas with low incomes. I’ve been involved in a range of projects from beginning to completion that are directly concerned with both of these areas that I am extremely committed. In actuality I have personal knowledge of two particular projects in which renewable energy as well as urban revitalization initiatives intersected. Given my experience and ICC’s latest projects, I believe that I’d be an advantage the International Company Corp.–a well-respected company, where I believe my specific skills can make a significant difference to keep ICC far ahead of rivals for the foreseeable future!

Thank you Herr. Smith, for taking the time to look at my credentials and the potential value I can add to ICC. I am looking forward speaking with you in the future I am also available via (123) 456-0987 to inquire about any further details or to discuss anything specific.

Thank you again for your consideration and time.



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