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Motivation letter for volunteer is a significant letter, which is used for the noble cause of contributing in an act of volunteering either on own or on the behalf of organisation.

This letter is widely used to express the strong will to participate in an act of volunteering being done by any organization, such as NGOs or other charitable trusts which come forward for the humanitarian cause.

Here in this article, we are basically going to guide our volunteer’s heroes to write an effective motivation letter for volunteering, by which they can seek their desired act of volunteering.

This letter would speak up on behalf of those volunteers so that they can be allowed to participate in the volunteering act on the behalf of any concerned organization.

How to Write Motivation Letter for Volunteering

Well, you don’t have to be damn qualified in order to address and influencing motivation letters for the volunteering cause, rather you just have to state your strong will through this letter.

We urge you to consider our below-mentioned tips while writing this letter.

  • You must do your own research about the concerned organisation before writing the motivational cover letter, as only after that you will be able to write the letter with full information.
  • Introduce yourself in the letter in such a way that depicts that you are purely concerned with the social services and have the pure volunteer will for it.
  • Next you can define the reason as to why you are willing to opt for the volunteering cause, such as you want to gain some experience or you want to give back to society etc.
  • Keep the letter precise to the point and your cause of volunteering should be simple and easily understandable to the reader of this cover letter.

Motivation Letter for Volunteer

Here we are compiling a random sample of motivation letter for volunteering, which would help all the beginners in drafting this letter in a simple way.

Tom Hanks
654 Downtown
Beverly Hills
California 7865432Tony Cheddar
Helping Hands Organisation
Los Angeles 897601Dear SirI’m writing this motivational letter for volunteering to contribute my willful part for the cause of humanity, which is being currently executed by the organisation. I have significant experience of have volunteered for the numbers of occasions amidst the several crisis across the country.I have volunteered myself in the past year during the time of Florida flood crisis, which took numbers of days to provide the extensive aid to the victims and we did it great together. There are many other such occasions, where I had volunteered myself on a small scale aid as I was just beginning during that period.This is the time again when I have got the opportunity to provide myself for the humanitarian cause and I’m so motivated to go ahead and contribute whatever part is possible for me.Thanks& Regards
Tom Hanks

Motivation Letter for Volunteer


Motivation Letter for Volunteer Work or Position

If you are having some significant working experience in the domain of volunteering on the behalf of any organization, then you can apply for a permanent position across the available organizations.

Here is another sample of motivation letter for volunteering, which can be written as an application to apply for a particular working post in any organization.

Dear Sir/Ma’am

I’m writing this motivation letter as an interested candidate to volunteer myself for the available post of manager at Bright Future organization, which is doing the commendable as an NGO.

I got to know about the position through the local newspaper and it literally suited my working interest and also the experience. I’m one of those people who are having a significant working experience to volunteer on the behalf of several NGO and charitable organizations, which work for social welfare.

I’m still looking forward to carrying on the same cause and for that, I find your prestigious organization, as the perfect platform to me. I would be honored to volunteer myself on the behalf of Bright Future and contribute my little part, as the selfless services to the society.

Thanks& Regards

motivation letter for volunteeR


So, this is how you can write your own motivational letter for volunteering and go on for your noble cause. We believe that these sample motivation letters and tips would be helpful for you in some ways.