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  1. Motivation letter to employee is a very popular letter, which is often used across all the major workplaces to boost the morale of the workforce and appreciate their dedication to the allotted work/project for any entity or organization. This letter is commonly written and addressed by the owner of the business or the CEO of large organizations such as MNC’S to the working employees, as the motivational tool to lift the morale of employees so that employees can work with their full potential and will power.

We will guide you to write this letter in the most effective way so that you can charge up and motivate the exhausted employees to achieve more for themselves and the organization as well.

How to Write a Motivation Letter to Employees?

There are certain things or the aspects of motivation letter for employees, which must be kept into consideration while drafting this letter. We are here mentioning all those key aspects below so that you can take the notice of them during drafting this letter.

  • Before sitting down to write a motivation letter to employees, you must have ample information about all the concerned employees therefore we urge you to collect all the relevant information.
  • Start the letter with an opening that is filled with respect and gratitude to the employees, as it will show the genuine concern of an employer with its employees.
  • Now coming forward you should once again be grateful to the employees and show up your excitement, as to how much you are enjoying addressing this motivation letter to the employees.
  • Next in the main body of the letter, you should first announce something rewarding to the employees, as it will fill the employees with some positive vibes and their morale will begin boosting in itself.
  • State in the letter that you really appreciate the efforts and the amount of hard work that the employees have put in to take the organization where it is today.
  • Now you should gradually start inspiring the employees that it is just the beginning yet and we still have a lot of potentials to take our organization ahead by our united efforts.
  • By Stretching it forward you can mention some goals of the organization that the organization is looking forward to achieving with its employees and for its employees.
  • Mention that we are going to get there together and we would cherish it together once we reach the goals.
  • Show up your faith in the employees that you have full belief in employees, who can make it come true with their sheer dedication to the organization.
  • You can offer some other rewards to the employees like their weekly or desired off whenever they want to consider a break from the work.
  • At last, just end the letter with your gratitude once again to the employees and assure them that the organization is in existence just because of the employees and their dedication won’t ever be forgotten.

Motivational Letter to Employees from CEO


Sample Motivation Letter to Employees

Well, here is a sample of motivation letters to the employees, which is being addressed by the employer/CEO to a random employee of the organisation. We hope that this sample would be enough for the practical exposure of all those employers, who want to write one such letter.

Jenna Presley

CAC Company
Local Downtown Road

Dear Jenna Presley,

I just want to begin this letter with my utmost gratitude to you and your efforts, which have pushed the organization to reach the newer dimensions of growth. I’m so glad to know that you have put an extraordinary amount of work this year on the successful execution of the project which was led by you.

We humbly take note of such noble services to the organization and as a little sign of reciprocation, we are offering you one week of paid off tour to any of your desired European nations. We respect and understand your never tiring working efforts for the organization. Further, as a token of respect, we are just willing to provide you with some quality off schedule from the work so that you can refresh and recharge yourself for the upcoming endeavor for you.

We want you to perform even better in this coming year since we know that you still have super potential to cruise the organization ahead by your noble work ethics. Kindly let us know if we can offer you our cooperation in some other ways, as we want to appreciate your diligent work in a notable manner.

The organization won’t ever forget your unique working etiquettes and we believe that you would continue to keep performing even in some better ways both for yourself and then the organization as well

Thanks& Rewards
CAC Company

It was the random sample of motivation letter to employees, which would provide you with the basic plot of this letter. You can draft your own style motivation letter for the employees.

Motivational Letter to Employees from CEO

Motivational Letter to Employees from CEO