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Motivation letter for postdoc is one such letter, which is written by a postdoc who is a person having completed doctoral (p.hd) degree and wants to further continue the research work even after successfully completion of the degree. This kind of letter is generally written by a postdoc to a University or the research centre, with the motive of having permission to further conduct the research work in a particular field or on a particular object.

In this article, we would reach out to our fellow postdoc and guide them in writing an effective motivation letter for their postdoctoral programme.

It would help them in seeking admission in any of their desired University/Research centres so that they can execute their ultimate goal through it.

How to Write Motivation Letter for Postdoc?

Well, as we know that postdoctoral letter is a very significant letter for any postdoc, who is looking forward to carrying on researcher work, therefore, this letter must be written in an according way.

Here below are our simple tips which should be considered while writing this letter by anyone.

  • Make your research first and have proper information about the research centre or the University, where you are applying for the postdoctoral programme and better if you know the PI (Principal Investigator) well, as the letter will be addressed to the PI (Principal Investigator) only.
  • Choose an appropriate format of the letter which starts with the date from the top and then write the name and complete correspondence address of the job poster.
  • Now just precisely introduce yourself to the PI (Principal Investigator), who is the reader of the letter and there clearly mention the motive of writing the letter, such as the name of the post for which you have applied.
  • You need to mention your educational background that whether you have completed p.hd or in the final year of it, as the case may be.
  • Now in the main body of letter you need to write the broad area of seeking your postdoctoral programme.
  • Here you should write up the reason, as to why you are willing to conduct the research work even after the completion of your p.hd programme.
  • You can write all the genuine cause of motivation here, which are pushing you to undertake this programme and moreover you must also write your research expertise in the letter if you have any in your p.hd programme.
  • State in the letter that how can you deliver something good and credible contribution to the goodwill of the research centre through your postdoctoral programme.
  • At last you can just end up the letter with the positive hope of having the personal interview for this research postdoctoral post with the PI (Principal Investigator).
  • We urge you to get the cover letter reviewed by any mentor or professor before posting it further.

How to Write Motivational Letter for Postdoc?


Sample Motivational Letter for Postdoc

Motivation Letter for Postdoc


Check out here a fine sample example of the motivational letter for the postdoctoral programme and then write your own letter by understanding the plot of this letter.


Dear Dr. Victoria Beckham

I’m writing this motivational letter for the application of the postdoctoral programme, whose opening has been lately advertised in the local newspaper of the region. I have recently finished my p.hd from Harvard University and there I was executing the lab research as well.

As of now I have finished both my P.hd and the research work under the lab of University and now I’m looking forward to carrying out my research further. I’m basically a medical student and I was carrying my research on the family of viruses, which could be the possible cause of any pandemic which may take birth among mankind in future.

My research was basically based on understanding the formation of these viruses and then figure out the possible antidote or vaccine to overcome the impact of this virus.

I’m a very passionate researcher and this is the only reason that why am I willing to opt for the postdoctoral programme so that I could finish my research before getting into the world of academics.

I believe that your research university would consider and respect my strong will and determination for the execution of my research work.

I’m sure that I would be able to glorify the goodwill of University across the international scale of research work.

Thanks& Regards


So, this is how you can write your own motivational letter for the postdoctoral programme to get yourself shortlisted under the desired University. Keep the letter concise and brief to the point.