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A motivation letter for scholarship is one among those letters which is used across all the scholarship offering institutions around the world now. This letter is basically written by an aspirant who wants to avail the scholarship program of a particular educational institution so that it can assist the aspirants in meeting out the fee structure of such an institution.

Motivation letters are emerging as very significant sources of putting your motivation and the aspiration ahead before the reader of the letter. These letters provide the candidates with a decent scope of getting considered for the relevant purpose of the letter such as for the selection of job, admission etc. 

A motivation letter for scholarship


Writing the motivation letter for the scholarship can be very tricky for some aspirants who are going to write it for the very first time. Moreover, the scholarship letter for motivation is a very significant letter as it has the potential to stand out for yourself and proving you as the best candidate for the scholarship program.

Here in this article, we are basically going to guide you in writing an effective motivation letter for the scholarship in an easy manner. The article would also provide you with the several templates of these motivation letters so that you can easily write the one for yourself.

How to Write Motivation Letter for Scholarship

The thing which matters more than the content of the motivation letter is its format since the format is what contains the content of the letter and delivers it in an understandable manner. 

This is the reason that why you must draft the format of the motivation letter for Scholarship in a careful manner, as it is going to attract the reader at a very first place and provide the first impression of the letter. Here is how you should draft the format of the motivation letter easily.

Start the first part of the letter in the typical standard format where you have to put your side in the letter first like below
Southeast Valley
8763, Christian Road
Michigan 82776

Date of the Letter______
Bright Future Educational Institutions Boston Cash PointTriumph Road 

Salutation as- Dear Sir/Madam

Now coming to the main body of the letter you should draft it by inserting or introducing yourself to the reader of the letter. You should then specify the motive of the letter to the reader in the clear words and then write some basic information as to how you are willing to undertake the particular program of the institution.

Coming to the second paragraph of the letter where you just need to be more elaborate about your ambition of studying the particular course of the institution. Here you can mention it in brief, yet in a complete manner as to what has motivated you to study the course and where are you seeing your career ahead after pursuing this course. It would be better to also mention what are your views about the concerned educational institution and how the institution is going to help you in achieving your goals.

In the last paragraph, you need to conclude the letter in a way that it has the proper and an appealing promising ending. Here just be positive and determined that if you are provided the scholarship program, then it is really going to help you in accomplishing your goals and make your institution proud of it.

Now you can just put an end on the motivation letter with your warm regards to the reader.

Sample Motivation Letter for Scholarship Example

Well, we would highly urge it to everyone to make themselves aware with some sample examples of the motivation letter for scholarship. It will provide them with a basic idea or an overview that how they should just go for it in an easy manner. 

Motivation Letter For Scholarship

Motivation Letter For Scholarship


You can check out the sample example of the motivation letter for the scholarship below.

David Miller
4467 Mailbu Point 
California 9001

Tom Hardy
79 street Amelia Eve
California 90001
Subject- Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application 

Dear Sir/Madam

This is Charles Dera and I’m currently ongoing through ______ academic program of your esteemed institution since last 2 years. With this motivation letter, I would like to state my strong will of applying for the scholarship program of the institution which can be really helpful for me to meet out my fee burden. 

It’s been a year almost since I got admission into the institution on the basis of distinction in my previous academics and I have been working so hard to perform the same in the upcoming exams as well. I belong to the lower financial background family which unfortunately can’t bear the significant burden of my fee structure and therefore I’m seeking out some financial assistance from the institution itself in the form of scholarship.

I have also been voted by my faculty to be shortlisted for the scholarship program of the institution, who have voted for me after seeing my diligence towards my studies and they see the best in me for the sake of the institution as well. I’m loving the study friendly environment of the institution and growing gradually in the same environment and I have also performed very well in my quarterly test exams. 

I just hope that after considering my sheer dedication towards the studies along with my financial background the administration of the institution would provide me this opportunity to ease my financial burden and let me fly high for my dreams.

Thanks & Regards
Charles Dera

Motivation Letter Template for Scholarship in PDF& Word Format

Motivation Letter For Scholarship

Well, if you are looking primarily for the template of the motivation letter for the scholarship then you are at the correct place. Here in this section of the article, you can avail of the fully printable template of this motivation letter in formal formats such as Word/PDF, etc. The template can be used across any of your formal use to write the motivation letter for the scholarship application purpose very easily.

PDF Template

WORD Template