Sample Cover Letter For Corporate Finance Analyst

Sample Cover Letter For Corporate Finance Analyst

Dear Sir/Ma,

I am currently pursuing my penultimate year studies at X, willing to graduate with a Master in Management, Chartered Finance Analyst Major in 2017, and I am looking for a 6-month long internship on September 2015 to start my gap year. My finance courses and my interactions with professionals confirmed my determination to have a very challenging and stimulating experience within a leading European investment bank, especially in your corporate finance team.

What attracts me to JP Morgan is the worldwide presence and diversity of the organization. I believe that the diversity of its employees and customers represents a great opportunity to be enriched by interacting with people from different backgrounds. An emphasis put on professional development through training and a culture that rewards creative and able individuals also distinguishes JP Morgan. The combination of the above creates an environment where a highly motivated individual can make a positive impact early on. Finally, company’s successful track record and rich heritage would undoubtedly make me feel proud as a “team member”.

Furthermore, the former work experience I obtained in X. the investment bank of X Group provided me with excellent analysis and synthesis skills. This experience represented a great opportunity to improve my knowledge in financial analysis with particular focus on mergers & acquisitions, equity capital markets and debt capital markets. I developed the required sense of commitment to work in Finance as well as substantial qualities to work with others and under pressure.

I would like the opportunity to discuss with you any internship opportunities you might have. Thank you for your time in reviewing my resume and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,