Sample Cover Letter For Data Science

Sample Cover Letter For Data Science

Data Sir/Ma

I am writing to express my interest in the Data Science Intern position at advisor CONNECT. The opportunity presented in this listing is very appealing and I believe I will be a very competitive candidate for this position as this is in exact sync with my educational background as well as in line with my career goals.

After meticulously going through the job roles and responsibilities I consider myself to be an apt fit for the role. I possess exceptional research and analytical skills which I developed as a Masters student in technology management with concentration in Data Science. I have been extensively involved in working in the field of data as part of my job and academic projects. Few areas of the project works included cleaning, preparing & analyzing data, building and testing statistical models, predictive analysis based on historic data using Weka, Minitab, R etc. as key areas of analysis to identify and propose solutions to major problems faced by the companies in consideration. I was successfully able to carry out these projects which is reflected in the high grades I scored for them. 

During my course of study, I have also developed several skills like competitive analysis, strategic investigation, problem-solving, meeting deadlines, teamwork, delivering effective presentations, multitasking to name a few. I believe I have a lot to offer as well as gain from this position and am sure it will be an enriching experience.

It will be a great opportunity for me to have an interview session with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.