Sample Cover Letter For Finance Internship

Sample Cover Letter For Finance Internship

Dear Spotify team,

I am bachelor student graduating in July 2016 from Maastricht University with major in Finance and Business Strategy. Helping Spotify to maintain and reach its mission of making possible to give people access to music 24/7 will be a great challenge since day one of working for the company. As Daniel Ek once stated, “People just want to have access to all of the world’s music” and I want to be part of this creation process because since 2000’s more and more people use illegal ways to listen their songs. Thus, bringing Spotify to everyone and everywhere will get the music industry way bigger than it was before!

Leading one of the most successful NGO’s in the world would help me to stay in line with the company’s vision, that of having the music moments everywhere. As a president of Liter of Light Netherlands, an organization that aims to provide sustainable electrical lighting solution to emerging markets, I develop my leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Here I had the opportunity to manage a team from day one for different projects. I was responsible to construct financial planning for different activities and build a functional expertise. For example, my team and I organized the biggest Liter of Light workshop in Europe. With my help, my team understood and optimized the opportunities to improve our organization. This benefited us to gain more awareness by making possible the creation of a new community aiming to promote sustainability around the world.

Having an entrepreneurial background will help me to bring new ideas into your daily task and create a new level of customer awareness. As a co-founder of Maastricht Nights, an event company in Limburg area, I always tried to have a hands-on mentality. For example, in order to change the nightlife concept in the area, we brought one of the best DJ-s from Tomorrowland festival and made exclusive nights of promoting different beverage companies. This put us in the leading position of the event organizing companies. Dealing with artists, managers and businesses improved my attention to details, negotiation and business judgment skills. Moreover, being in charge of financial situation, I developed different financial models in order to support a variety of strategic initiatives. This improved my time management skills and made me to be more accurate and precise in my decision-making process. For example, investing in a marketing plan we reached more than 300,000 people through radio, TV and online in less than 2 weeks.

Finally, I have a lot of experience with interpersonal communication that would prove helpful in organizational behavior. As a sponsorship coordinator at Maastricht Center of Entrepreneurship I was the liaison for all of the company’s organizations sponsors. Moreover, organizing the biggest entrepreneurial events in south of Netherlands, I found a passion to work with people at different levels developing my analytical and communication skills. Being proactive and open minded helped to succeed in dealing with such a dynamic and complex international environment.

In closing, I believe that my good planning, analytical, teamwork and entrepreneurial skills will help your branch to achieve its objectives.