Sample Cover Letter For Human Resource

Sample Cover Letter For Human Resource

Dear Sir/Ma,

Coming from a phase of being unaware of my raw potentials, to its awareness, efficient use, and now moving towards its dynamicity and development and continuous growing, applying for the right job position will not only give me the work experience to shape my career path, it will act as a platform to attaining my personal vision, and also provide the relevant work experience.

I looking for to an experience where I can meet and contribute meaningfully to people’s lives, learn new skills, work through a challenging sector to touch lives of people I work with, improve on acquired competencies and contribute to growth using my skills set, and applying for the role of the Human Resource Manager would be an amazing opportunity to put my experience to use in a growing and agile environment, improve on staff skills and continue the process of learning and ensure the right positive growth required for the company

As an individual with trainings of four to five years of experience in the Human Resource Field and Research, I have found a way of connecting this experience to my future plans of creating a Niche for myself in an fields like Human Resources, and Research, Education where I believe it would help me in relating to a lot of individuals with different backgrounds, and different personalities in Africa and beyond in other to give life changing experiences to others, applying for this job is still an opportunity to grow and learn . it would be a very different kind of opportunity and a very challenging one which I welcome to get on with all hands-on deck.

After University education, having working in two countries as an international employee, I can confidently say that the experience has empowered me with the ability to think analytically and solve problems methodically while my international experiences gave me the opportunity to develop key competencies needed for the growth and handling of people as I worked in different departments where I have the most experience, human resource and research evident through my past experiences.

I look forward to having an experience which I hope would be able to use the knowledge learned to increase the efficiency of your esteemed organization, make me further understand cultures and also expose me to the right communities.

This new experience will not only push me closer to my dream but also give me the opportunity to do and make decisions that would inspire thousands of lives and also effect more positive changes in the society.