Sample Cover Letter For Operations Intern

Sample Cover Letter For Operations Intern

Dear Sir/Ma

As a third year Supply Chain Management major at the University of Maryland, I have been searching extensively for the kind of exciting opportunities Bechtel offers. As you will see from my resume, I have experience in a variety of capacities, I am familiar with working independently and in a team setting, and I have been specially recognized for the kind of work that I produce. My unique qualities along with my strong interest in supply chain management and logistics makes me an ideal candidate for the 2014 Supply Chain and Procurement Internship.

Two years ago, I began an internship with a growing oil and gas firm in Bangalore, India. With no prior experience in the industry, I forced myself to become an expert so that I wouldn’t fall behind. I got acclimated immediately and at the end of my internship, was the only intern chosen to attend the North American Oil Council Assembly to speak on behalf of the entire company. You can trust me to adapt to your work environment immediately and to deliver reliable and innovative results, as I have proven in the past. I went on to intern for another oil and gas firm where I worked independently analyzing energy markets. The skills I’ve learned working in this industry can be applied to any work environment that I am placed in, particularly in an internship with Bechtel.

Among the most respected engineering, procurement and construction companies, Bechtel needs a qualified intern who has extensive experience, who can adapt to any new challenges, who is well-spoken and personable, is able to work independently or in collaboration with others and most importantly, one who is excited about this field. You have found this candidate in me.

Thank you very much for your consideration, I look forward to interviewing with you soon.