Sample Cover Letter For Supply Chain And Sourcing Analyst

Sample Cover Letter For Supply Chain And Sourcing Analyst

Dear Benefit Human Resource Team,

I am excited to apply for the supply chain and sourcing junior analyst position. I am very motivated to build my career in the field of global supply chains and international sourcing and believe you will find my experience, education, and outlook a great fit for this role.

My work experience is varied, but the common theme throughout has been a desire to connect with people and places in a meaningful way, through various means like social justice, human rights advocacy, and social entrepreneurship. I augmented my passion for helping others with my graduate education, using the disciplines of international trade and international business as more effective vehicles for connecting people to means of social mobility. These themes while not directly related to this role, I hope will help illuminate why I am interested in the position. My goal to do meaningful work in CSR for global supply chains and sourcing is contingent upon breaking into the field and learning the basics; developing my classroom MBA and international trade knowledge into practical skills through hands-on experiences–this position is an excellent opportunity to do just that. I believe I have as much to offer, as I have to gain and that I could jump in and be effective from the first day. My confidence in my potential in the role comes from past successes in positions within fast paced offices that required a high degree of organization as well as exceptional time and project management skills. These positions took advantage of my natural inclination for details and strong work ethic.

My top strengths are research and analysis, coordination and logistics, writing, and adaptability. I own my projects; I work to become an expert in the subject by digging down to the granular level in order to discover the details and nuances that often have an outsized influence on the big picture. Likewise, to contextualize the big picture through the sum of its parts I am excellent at finding, connecting, and extrapolating on important details and data points. I value getting things right, have learned not to fear sunk costs, and know the value of a good cost-benefit analysis. I am a diligent worker, making sure the job gets done correctly and by the time it needs to be done. I am truly always happy to step up to take opportunities, small and large, to help out and possibly learn something or someone new.

Benefit is a fun company and one that I have happily been a customer of for many years. Thank you for your time and attention and I really look forward to hearing back.

Best regards,