Sample of Assistant Interview

Sample of Assistant Interview

Some days ago we’ve published Sample of Manager Interview. Today we would like to share typical questions used by UNDP for the interview

of Assistant. As you may see they are not very difficult, and your answers should be based on the Technic, already described by our team here Interview.

the main idea use CAR approch – context – action – result. Also It’s good idea to give relevant examples from your profesional experince. This showed to HR panel members, that you have a deal with such kind of situations and know what to do.

1. What is your interest in applying for this position? Please provide us with specific examples from your professional career that illustrate your skills in
administrative assistance, travel management and/or Human Resources administration.

2. The position you applied for implies working in a team that deals both with travel and human resources management. What would be your course of
action in case you face several urgent requests, some of them of HR nature, others related to travel at one time?

3. What professional qualities, in your opinion, characterize an efficient administrative assistant?

4. When you are liaising with colleagues or others from different cultures, what sorts of issues do you need to take into account?

5. Describe a time when you had to work in effective team? How you identify yourself in a team?

6. Give us an example of when you had to explain something difficult to someone who did not have your background/knowledge?

7. Briefly enumerate the three strongest skills you would bring to this position that may convince us to hire you. What are the professional areas you feel you would need some improvement?

8. Tell us about a time you have observed others working in an unprofessional or unethical manner? What did you do specifically about their behavior?
What were the implications?

9. Tell us about the last time a client made an excessive or unreasonable demand on you? What did you do to assist them? What pressure did this put
you under?

10. Do you have working knowledge of some professional software or other computer reservations system?

All samples provided only for educational purposes. It’s strictly prohibited to copy them, publish and release on other sites.