Sample of Manager Interview

We have continue publish real samples interview questions. Today we have interview questions for Manager Adviser in UN.

All samples provided only for educational purposes. It’s strictly prohibited to copy them, publish and release on other sites.

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS – Management Adviser.

1. What is your interest in applying for this position? Please provide examples from your professional career that illustrate your skills in maintenance of protocol procedures, management of information flows.

2. The position you applied for implies working with the Head of Mission senior management by supporting formulation and drafting UN Mission strategy documents including legal advice. Please give us examples from your professional career when you by yourself have drafted strategic document and/or legal advice.

3 Could you please give us a three-minute brief on the conflict and how it affects Government’s relations with its neighbors and the EU?

4. Please tell us briefly what you know about UN Serbia (history, mandate, main goals and objectives).

5. Provide an example of strategic advice that you have been recently provided to your supervisor/senior management. Can you give us an example of when you have provided advice to a foreign governmental official/body?

6. Give us an example of time on the job when you disagree with your boss or a higher level management. What were your options for setting the conflict? Why did you choose the option you did? Were you able to get your point across? How successful were you in setting the conflict?

7. Describe a time when you had to work in effective team. How do you identify yourself in a team?

8. Give an example of time you had to juggle a number of projects and priorities. What were they? How did you manage to juggle them?

9. Give us an example of when you had to explain something difficult to someone who did not have your background/knowledge.

10. Briefly enumerate the three strongest skills you would bring to this position that may convince us to hire you. What are the professional areas in which you feel you would need some improvement?