UNDP Written Test Samples 2023

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for the post of

Human Rigths Officer, for Conflict-Affected Areas (SC, SB4)

Date: Month DD, YYYY

Applicant Number __________________

Dear candidate,

You will have up to 90 minutes to complete this exercise.

Tests will be assessed on the overall strength of the responses and quality of the content/analysis:

Task 1 (45 points)

Task 2 (35 points)

Task 3 (20 points)

Total 100 points.


You are advised to read the instructions carefully before beginning.

Please do not write your name on any part of the exam sheet;Please do not use external sources of information during the test (cell phone, internet, etc.); All answers need to be original, and typed into the template. Applicants found to be “cutting and pasting” answers or plagiarizing text will be disqualified from the entire selection process for the above position.For your reference, a summary of the project document is attached.

Good Luck!


(45 points maximum)

The recent crisis in the Africa, has led to a great increase in criminality and a breakdown in the human rights. You are about to start your activities in introducing community policing approach in one of the communities under your AOR. You know that the government has just restored its legacy in this area. Additionally, the location is characterized by the significant influx of IDPs.

Please draft a short report outlining the steps you are going to undertake in terms of activities scope and timing.

Please answer in your local language


(35 points maximum)

You have been tasked to work with a local community, including IDPs and identify with them what their key security and access to justice concerns are. You have one month to report back to your manager about this.

a. Please describe how you would do this, using a participatory methodology.

b. Please provide a step-by-step workplan including proposed timelines and the parties you would involve in the process.

Please answer in English


(20 points maximum)

You are a UNDP project officer at an outreach event in the community. At that event, a female participant approaches you and asks you for legal help. She becomes distressed and says that her son was taken away weeks ago and she doesn’t know where he is, and that the police refuse to help her. She also has bruises on her face but refuses to discuss how she got them when you ask?

Please draft a short report for your supervisor outlining this situation and the steps you took/plan to take?

Please answer in English

This is the end of the test.

Thank you!