Data Sir/Ma

It is my intention to convey my desire to be considered for this Data Science Intern position at advisor CONNECT. The position offered in this advertisement is attractive, and I’m convinced that I’ll be a successful candidate for this position since it is completely in the same vein as my academic background as well as alignment with my career objectives.

After carefully examining the roles and responsibilities of the job I believe that I am an ideal candidate for the job. I have outstanding analytical and research abilities that I acquired during my time as a masters student in management of technology with a concentration on Data Science. I’ve been engaged on data in my academic work and job. Some of the areas of my work comprised cleaning, preparation and analysis of data, constructing the statistical model and trying it out that use predictive analysis, that is based on historical data using Weka, Minitab, R and so on. as the most important areas of analysis that help to pinpoint and suggest solutions to the major issues faced by companies taking into taking into consideration. I was able successfully complete these projects, that is evident in the excellent grades I received on them.

In my time of study I also have developed various skills, including strategic analysis, competitive analysis solving and meeting deadlines, working in teams, making powerful presentations, multitasking, to mention a few. I am convinced that I have a many things to contribute and profit from this opportunity and am confident that it will be a rewarding experience.

It will be an excellent opportunity to hold an interview with you. Thanks for taking the consideration and time.

Sincerely, XYZ


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