Sample Cover Letter For Administration Intern

Sample Cover Letter For Administration Intern

I am contacting you in regards to a potential administration internship position. Through years of experience in the automotive industry, I have developed an understanding of how critical it is to be a motivated, innovative, trustworthy, and dedicated employee. Porsche takes pride in the “Intelligent Performance” strategy of their vehicles, and I understand that this strategy must be implemented at all levels within the organization. My goal has been to work for Porsche Cars North America since the 2011 announcement that the headquarters would be located in Atlanta. I have submitted an online application, and I am very determined to further communicate the skills that I possess to become a valuable asset to your team.

My relevant qualifications include diverse experience in the automotive industry and my work as an accounting major at Georgia State University where I currently have a GPA of 3.7 in my major classes. Most recently I am employed as an assistant office administrator and buyer at M&S Auto Sales Inc. My responsibilities in this position have provided me with the skills to excel in customer service, sales, implementing HR policies, processing transactions, establishing schedules, and preparing the general ledger among many other billing functions. I am proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point, Quickbooks, and Wayne Reeves. I have also worked in the auto parts and auto recycling industry previous to my employment at M&S Auto Sales Inc.

I believe that given my current qualifications, experience, and eagerness to improve that I will be the most mutually beneficial candidate for an administration internship. I will presently strive to gain an abundance of experience and information from my internship, in order to make me the highest output employee I can be potentially in the future for Porsche Cars North America. After all, the workforce of Porsche is the “real engine.” You will find my resume attached, which explains my qualifications, experience, and goals more thoroughly. I would greatly appreciate an interview opportunity, to further express my desires to be a part of this extraordinary company. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. 

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