Sample Cover Letter For Associate Program

Sample Cover Letter For Associate Program

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to express my interest in taking part in the Associate Program offered by NBA that has been inviting application via NBA’s career. I am a final year Bachelor of Arts undergraduate at The University of Hong Kong who recently finished faculty exchange program USA. Majoring in Global Creative Industries has equipped me with the basic knowledge of event organization, promotion and operation within various creative industries. This newly established discipline has offered me the unique ability of promoting arts and cultural-related events in commercial world. With Politics and Public Administration as my second major, I am always connected with the happenings ongoing in the international and political domains. My study aboard opportunity also equipped me with higher proficiency in English communication, boarder understanding of this diverse world and confidence in expressing myself. Hence it has inspired me to pursue a career with global horizon in which NBA’s program is the ideal option.

As a basketball lover since grade 10, I have always wanted to be part of the community by not just being an audience. This associate program is my golden opportunity. Meanwhile, as a global creative industry major, I understand how hard it is to strike a balance between cultural values and business costs. However, NBA is a well-balanced institute which not just carters to the mass culture but also leads the masses for betterment, the advocacy of gender equality by relocating the All-Stars game recently is the best example of it. Hence, I realized NBA could offer me the ideal working environment that not just care about revenue but also social development.

Being passionately interested to develop in communications and event management field after graduation, I prepared myself by organizing The 5th Amnesty International Hong Kong Human Rights Documentary Festival and Beertopia 2015, The 4th annual large-scale beer festival in Hong Kong, as an intern last year. With the extensive use of social media platforms, including publishing my own promotional articles on Facebook and cooperating with online influencer, both events reached out to new participants last year. After accruing experience in promotion, organization and on-site problem solving from those events, I believe I am capable in handling duties of this internship.

I have always been an energetic, outgoing and sociable student. My experience of living in residential hall has equipped me with teamwork and multi-tasking ability by constantly participating and organizing various events, for instance, orientation camp and service trip to Thailand. Balancing my study and responsibilities at the hall has also trained me to work under pressure and fast pace. My duties at hall as the external coordinator of Socially Responsible Committee, had further raised my social awareness as a global citizen.

I trust that I will be able to transfer those invaluable skills into working under a demanding environment at a firm like Sotheby’s. Although the lack of arts history background is my greatest disadvantage, I am of great willingness to work and learn from you and your colleagues. Hence it would be my pleasure, while a challenge, that I would like to seize this chance to work at your company.

My academic and work references are enclosed along with this letter. Please feel free to contact me for further enquiries. I am more than willing to share more with you in person. Thanks for your consideration of my application and I look forward to your reply.