Sample Cover Letter For Programme Officer

Sample Cover Letter For Programme Officer

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing in response to the Programme Officer position for health and governance that is vacant at the Embassy of Denmark, XX and would like to extend my interest in applying for the job.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Management with a specialization in International business from XX as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology from the XX.

I am currently working as a Research Technical Fellow XX contributing my skills set on different health projects and research activities. My position has allowed for the participation in budget preparation, project/program planning and implementation as well as assisting in managing and quality assurance (Both inside and outside fieldwork) of different projects under XX. While at XX, I have had the opportunity to provide technical support through research and analysis, data management, report, proposal writing and monitoring as well as program extension in different programs that include: YY, YY in XX and XX plus XX study in XX. I have also participated in and planning different meetings, workshops (Inside and outside Region) for government officials (particularly from Ministry of health), partners, local council and other nonprofit organizations.

Following my previous job positions, I had an opportunity to intern for the Embassy of the XX in YY where I performed different administrative roles and projects for the embassy. My duties included providing assistance to the consulate office on Visa, education and cultural affairs about Egypt for non-immigrants and diplomats in YY. I was also responsible for analyzing and making reports for the political and government status, potential economic markets in YY, translation and interpretation of data. In addition to that I had the opportunity to participate in planning for an education event that I assisted in preparing for the guest list, venue location and handling invitees that included YY government officials and Diplomats from different Embassies in YY.

Overall, my work experience has allowed me to build a strong character of team work, independent player as well as gaining strong communication and interpersonal skills while working with diverse backgrounds. I have also grown to be a fast learner, committed, tenacious, organized, time consistent and computer savvy professional who is able to lead self as well as take instructions and tasks diligently.

Therefore, I believe with my proven skills set, personal character and work experience would prove to be of much benefit in your Organization. Enclosed please find detailed copy of my CV for your consideration.  I would like the opportunity to meet with you, learn more about this position and discuss how I can contribute to your continued success.

I look forward to hearing from you.