Sample Cover Letter For Associate Supply Chain

Sample Cover Letter For Associate Supply Chain

Dear Sir/Madam,

This motivation letter accompanies my application for the Associate Supply Chain position.

I graduated in 2008 in Operations Engineering, with direction in Industrial Engineering which gave me a solid background in Organization Management, Operations Management, Logistics, Operations Research, Project Management.

My long-term goal is to gain professional expertise in Supply Chain Management with focus on project management. I am perfectly aware this is a challenging long-life goal to reach however I am an ambitious and determinate girl willing to learn as much as possible to become a knowledgeable professional in this field. After one year and a half working as an Associate Customer Service, I am definitely keen in taking the next step in my career to further develop my competences and skills.

My strengths rely on my willingness to learn continuously, my determination to get things done and achieve goals. I think I have the right planning and organizational skills to priorize my work, meet deadlines, own and ensure timely closure of NCs. With my accuracy I would be able to manage records, develop, maintain and revise SOPs and GMP documentation ensuring the right quality.

Being problem solving minded would help me in gathering data, analyzing them and develop solutions. I am good at improving processes/projects in which I am involved and for this reason I think I could bring a positive contribution to continuous improvement initiatives.

I firmly believe in Amgen and this application just confirms my strong intention to continue my career within this company. I believe this role suit my qualifications and competencies and for this reason I can be a valuable resource for the Supply Chain department.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,