Sample Cover Letter For Child Protection Officer

Sample Cover Letter For Child Protection Officer

Dear Sir/Ma,

I am applying for this position as my academic background in Bachelor of Social Sciences with specialization in Development Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Social Policy Studies has equipped me with a knowledge base that will enable me perform successfully.

I am looking for a position with a company where I can make the most of my knowledge and skills. My education and work experience made me well conversant with recruitment procedures and support services within HR department.

As a diligent and results-oriented person, I have the ability to work independently and take initiatives to get the needed results. My experience in human relations while working with Barclays Bank has also positioned me to appreciate the multicultural dynamics relating to people from different backgrounds. In addition, skills acquired at the Centre for Media Analysis in strategic communications and research would assist me to successfully fulfill this position.

Through my experience working with research, banking and construction companies, I gained valuable knowledge in:

  • Providing administrative support to the senior human resources managers
  • Creating ads and posting new positions on job boards
  • Screening resumes and pulling the most relevant resumes from the applicants
  • Preparing a variety of HR and management reports and documents
  • Maintaining files and electronic records confidentially
  • Assisting and completing the recruitment process
  • Maintaining calendars and meeting schedules

I would appreciate you taking out the time to review my application for this position.

Thank you very much for your consideration. Sincerely,